Chronopuncture is a concept of OPEN point of acupuncture onnuri. In our world, everything exists in a certain space-time continuum. From the view point of external space, one can define Triorigin categories of directions : north, south, east and west. In northern hemisphere, north corresponds to Neuto (on pole life is benumbed, in a potential state), and south corresponds to Neutro (in equatorial zone life thrives, more than 70 percent of living species inhabit these latitudes). East and west correlate with each other as Hetero and Homo, since climatic conditions are similar in these directions. East is a Hetero direction, since it is the first to be lit up by the raising sun. The sun sets in the west, so west is Homo. In the southern hemisphere, north is Neutro (from the side of the equator) south is Neuto (from the side of the pole), east is Hetero, west is Homo.
Influence of Tri on internal space of human body, that is, on its various areas, is the subject matter of Triorigin acupuncture, and diagnosis is a multi-level chain, where the basic, branch, sub branch and other Triorigin energies(Hetero, Homo, Neutro, Neuto)works.
The external (objective) time is assessed on various scales that might embraces periods from millenia to minutes or even seconds. For example the period before the birth of Christ can be related to Neuto, first millennium AD to Hetero, second millennium to Homo, third millennium to Neutro. As soon as in beginning of this millennium the spiral energy net(Neutro) was discovered in human body and philosophy of a unique Neutro life phenomenon – smile-has been developed.
Disease for many years that can be inscribed into concrete sixteen year period, then a needle is inserted in corresponding point perpendicular to skin, and it has general harmonising effect. This is treatment through OPEN point. Chronopuncture OPEN point – Neuto joint represent month and day, it connects patients with zero world, from where necessary energy comes without hindrances.
Similarity, Years point, Season point Neutro energy points are very widely used especially at the treatment of Neuto conditions accompanied by complete absence of functions of an organs or a system. Likewise, Months, week and hours are to be used accordingly. Even, minutes to be considered according to that.
If treatment by open point, Neuto point of a joint is representative for both the month and the day. It connects the patient with the zero world, from where the necessary energy comes without hindrance. Neutro point is widely used, especially for treatment of Neuto conditions accompanied by complete absence of functions of an organ or a system. It will be expedient to use Hetero point in Homo disorders and Homo point in Hetero disorders.
The intrauterine development of a human being corresponds to the zero Neuto period of life. The first sixteen years of life when organism grows and develops is Hetero period, the time when processes of expansion dominate on both physical and psycho emotional level. Neutro age lasts twice as longer, that is 32 years,from 16 to 48 years of life. This is period of prosperity, active social interactions, time of love, building up family and giving birth to children. After that Homo sixteen year period begins, during which process of contraction manifest themselves. On physiological level this contraction in women results in menopause. From age of 64,period of infinite Neuto begins that lasts to the moment of passing into non-being. At this age, the symbol of perfection are grey hair like the snowy mountain summits and wise, tranquil smile of the soul.
With ACUPUNCTURE CHRONOPUNCTURE , even the genetic problems can be harmonised.
ask : Dr.Dinesh Kapur,
smile life!


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