NASAL DISCHARGE, thick & sticky

NASAL DISCHARGE, thick & sticky
 It is accompanied by nasal obstruction and loss of the sense smell too.
 Normally, occurrence of thick sticky nasal discharge is related to the attack of pathogenic factors on the lung which has opening of energy in the nose. Exogenous wind cold may transform into heat. Sometimes lung is directly attacked by wind heat. Both may lead to dysfunction of the lung and invasion of pathogenic factors upon nose through the upper respiratory tract.
 If a person is having thick and sticky nasal discharge, there is a possibility of nasal obstruction, loss of the sense of smell, bad odour, yellow fetid nasal discharge, thick and sticky mucous discharge from the nose, and even from throat that accompanies a cold or other respiratory disease, accompanied by cough, dull pain in the forehead, rapid pulse, reddened tongue with thin, white and sticky coating.
 Due to heat accumulated in the lung impedes the descending of the lung’s vital ki, then pathogenic heat rushes up to the nose, causing nasal obstruction. Heat consumes body fluid and changes it into phlegm and mucus, because of that there is turbid and fetid nasal discharge. Cough results from adverse flow of the lung vital ki. When there is extreme heat in the lung and stomach further disturbs the upper orifices, pain with distension occurs in the forehead. Reddened tongue and rapid pulse are signs of pathogenic heat in the lung.
 With Acupuncture, itself is a powerful medicine, which aids in strengthening the system and serves to function in an effective way.  Acupuncture has been shown to promote the health and improve the body’s system. It has also helped many people who were not successfully treated through conventional western medicine.  Several conditions can be dramatically improved or remedied in full including blocked nose.
 Acupuncture ONNURI<SUJOK> is traditionally accomplished through insertion of very fine needles at the certain energy meridians, energy gates, joints of affected organ points, or on energy flow therapy of acupuncture located along the meridians. AND, the total concept is only on hands in a miniature system or corresponding systems. It is totally effective to have CURE effects of BLOCKED NOSE. The remission of the disease can be achieved and medicament’s therapy simultaneously can be eliminated altogether.  The course of treatment is defenietly uneventful. YOU MAY FIND THE RESULTS FROM THE DAY SESSION STARTS!
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Dr.Dinesh Kapur,
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13 thoughts on “NASAL DISCHARGE, thick & sticky

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  6. Sunil Jain says:

    Dr shahib, namestay.
    I am getting accupunture from you and in a good position . I am suffering from sinus infection which was having since birth and now my age is about 50years, means it is for the same period. During these process it was quite difficult to have proper breathing when especially nose was blocked and this is the position on an average I was having. Realy, your treatment is very
    good, as after taking it helped unbeleivable, and I feel it almost towards the cure.
    thank you.
    Sunil Jain

  7. krishna nair says:

    I have read with interest the posting made by Dr. Dinesh Kapur, a well known acupuncturist of Korean palm method, on nasal discharge. Many of us have been benefitted by the novel method of treatment given by Dr. Kapur for various ailments, including nasal discharge.

    In China and other countries, the people use acupuncture for their chronic recurrent sinus infections/nasal discharge. The use of acupuncture dramatically decreases the use of antibiotics, thus avoiding its abuse and side effects. It is essential for our society to have different options, besides antibiotics, especially for the chronic and recurrent infections, which conventional medicines have failed to cure.

    There is no doubt that acupuncture is an alternative and important way to deal with sinus problems/nasal discharge.

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