Emotion is normally considered to be a feeling about or reaction to certain important events or thoughts.  An emotion can be either pleasant or unpleasant.  An individual also may have a mixture of both pleasant and unpleasant emotions.  People enjoy feelings such pleasant emotions as love, happiness, and contentment.  They often try to avoid feelings of unpleasant emotions, such as loneliness, worry, sadness, fear and grief.  However, people are sometimes not fully aware of their own emotions.
 Emotional disorder may be of Aggressiveness, irritability, fury, quarrelsome, disposition, instability of mood.  OR of Joy & laughter for no reason, excessive talkativeness. or of Excitement, carefree attitude, pride.  OR of Anxiety, worrying about trifles. OR of Grief, sadness, anguish, disappointment, depression, whining, sobbing, loss of interest in life. OR of Phobias, fearfulness, horror, hypochondria, disposition to suicide.
  BUT, if ANGER AND Tendency to come up unexpectedly, suddenly and lasts only for a short time. This type of anger is most of time strong, destructive emotion, if person prevails such type of anger can hit or even kill another. This emotion is accompanied by great muscle power, unpredictable.
 OR if a person has tendency to exhibit a frequent nervous aspect and will exist the anger emotions constantly, if conditions are correct, such type of anger will be constant, at the same time lengthy anger too, not severe but tendency of repeat anger remains. emotion is deep-rooted and destroys from within, this kind of anger is predicted, expect able, usually body of patient is lean, as anger<wind energy> subjugates agony(humidity energy), and tendency for liver or gall bladder disease may arise.
 ACUPUNCTURE ONNURI is one such treatment which is effective at emotional level too, through energy concept.
 EMOTIONS OF ANGER may be overcome through this concept, as acquire Knowledge To CURE and have a smile life!
 ask : Dr.Dinesh Kapur <>


4 thoughts on “ANGER

  1. Bhupinder kohli says:

    It helped even removing my excessive anger, though I was under depression too. Thanks to doctor Dinesh
    Bhupinder Kohli, 9811033999

  2. originsmile says:

    Emotions of suppressed anger, when someone stops it by force, put down intentionaly or keep from appearing be it suppressed desires or anger or any other emotions or reasoning. Gradually such actions unconsciously fills more deliberately with things forgotten(suppressed) because they are unpleasent(Time). And according to energy concepts of acupuncture sujok emotions of anger is having dominant energy of wind and organs controlling Lungs or Large intestine are involved in either way.
    You may opt for the following, simultaneously you may also write for more better options!
    •Water is a major component of every body cell, tissues and organs. It plays an important role in almost every body function, including : temperature, temperament regulation, transportation of oxygen and nutrients through the blood, acting as a necessary component of chemical reactions, Aid in elimination of waste through urine and feces, lubrication of joints, acting as a major component of body fluids such as mucus and tears, and Giving the cells their shape and stability.
    Water facts: Body is having 76 percent water? Body loses 2.63 quarts of water a day, every day? More than 99 percent of all chemical reactions in cells are facilitated by water? For great health, one need to constantly replenish that water, at least eight to 12 glasses of water, except in problem having of renal or if on medication consult the concerned professional?
    •Besides, Sleep is also an important factor. People who don’t sleep for seven to eight hours a night are more prone to such emotion. Additionally, relaxed, lean muscle is regenerated in the final couple of hours of sleep each night.
    •Deep consciousness breath process is applied to order of inhalation as expansion effectiveness of the body, exhalation as contraction effectiveness of the body, pauses which are short momentary stops between inhalation & exhalation as stop breath is to calm the emotions, thoughts and entire breathing process as one series of above three is consciousness.
    •Though MIND is concentrated on inner movement: where we feel energy is moving, there appears a smile. One MUST start feelings of SMILE be it EMOTIONS or BODY. I personally feel, may overcome!
    To your well being, smile life!
    Dr.Dinesh Kapur

  3. piyush says:

    what are the indicators of supressed anger? and how does one get rid of supressed anger?

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