SMILE! a state which is free from ignorance. Smile is just health. Smile creates perfection!
 Smile has come out from zero world, so it has no sound, and so, Smile is invisible by its nature. If we are not aware of this absoluteness that much we are confused and suffer so called sufferings in our lives.
 Smile in your mind. Then you may start seeing wonders, all around you.  All things are smiling around you.  You could feel they welcome you with celebration and smile. When you respond with smile Naturally your mind gets opened. You could personally feel you have pure smile. Together with your smile which is already in your soul.  To open this wonderful smile world, meditation gets started, with SMILE.
 Smile channel permits to interact with the zero world and Meta physical particle worlds, with the physical and energy worlds! Through this channel, we can realise that this world is a wonder and a smile world, so our life and we ourselves are also have wonderous and smile world.
 One’s aim should be to focus on SMILE!
 write  : Dr.Dinesh Kapur, originsmile<at>wordpress<dot>com
 smile life!


2 thoughts on “Smile

  1. gagoneonity says:

    Hi im new here. I came accross this board I find It vastly useful and it’s helped me tons. I hope to give something back and assist other users like its helped me.
    Thanks, See You About.

  2. gagoneonity says:

    Hiya i am fresh here. I came upon this message board I find It quite accessible and its helped me out tons. I should be able to contribute and guide other users like it has helped me.

    Cheers, See Ya Around, gaggoneonity

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