•  is a disease of arteries ‘hardening’ thickening, stiffness, and loss of elasticity in artery walls by calcium deposits. AND may affects medium and large arteries, especially those that carry blood to the heart, brain, kidney, and legs. Causative factors may be when certain fatty substance in blood sterm ‘cholestrol, plaque causing cells to die and scars to form thrombus-’blood clot’. The build-up of dead cells, calcium, and scar tissue in the plaques makes the arteries hard and narrow, decreased blood flow. The rough surface of the arteries may cause a thrombus (blood clot) to form on the arterial wall. A thrombus can cause an artery to block suddenly. Certain risk factors are associated with the development of atherosclerosis, hypertension[high blood pressure],cigrate smoking, high blood levels of cholestrole. Other risk factors include obesity, diabetes mellitus, high blood levels of fatty compounds called triglyrides.physical inactivity. Effects of atherosclerosis result from decrease blood flow through the diseased arteries. Tissues nourished by these arteries do not receive enough oxygen. A decrease in the blood supply to the brain can cause dizziness, chest pain, heart attack, stroke, numbness, slurred speech, and other symptoms. In the heart, decreased blood supply can produce severe chest pain called angina pectoris. The complete blockage of an artery supplying the heart or the brain results in a heart attack or a stroke, respectively. A reduced flow of blood to the kidneys may cause hypertension or kidney damage. In the legs, it may cause pain while walking, skin sores, or gangrene (death of tissue).
  • Prevention through ACUPUNCTURE SUJOK is possible through energy concept of Onnuri medicine. As no medicine is ever prescribed and High effect is through – on pricking 1mm small micro tiny needles on hand to adjust the energy system of body or with small magnets similar to pulse size to put on fingers only.
  • Ask; Dr.Dinesh Kapur,
  • smile life!


  1. Harsh Bhalla says:

    Indeed, it is surprising to observe the efficacy through Dr.Dinesh who could manage to control the pressure of arteries of my father which has gone to the level 220/130 that too without any medication.
    regards, Harsh

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