COLOR ACUPUNCTURE<ONNURI>, sometimes fear of acupuncture causes contractions of energy, causing more convulsions to the kids and weak patients. For Kids and aged people acupuncture can further develop the symptoms of convulsions. . Hence, it is better to use Color Acupuncture which is equally effective to have CURE of CONVULSIONS particularly to the infantile. The remission of the disease can be achieved and medicamentous therapy simultaneously can be reduced or eliminated altogether. The course of treatment is defenietly uneventful.  If looking for positive results for ; Infantile convulsion is usually seen in pediatrics, manifested commonly by contractions accompanied by impairment of consciousness.

It could be because of various reasons including invasion of seasonal pathogenic factors, accumulation of internal phlegm, heat, protracted vomiting and diarrhoea, defficiency condition of Spleen with hyperfunction of Liver. It can occur in any season, mostly in those aged from one to eight. Since the onset may be either sudden or gradual and the symptoms may show a deficiency condition or an excess conditions, infantile convulsion can be classifed by acute and chronic.

Acute infantile convulsion : The skin and muscles of infants are frail, hence can easily be attacked by external pathogeni wind, which truns into fire in the interior. Inants always have excess activity of the organ Liver, according to energy concept of meridians. Then the heat energy therefore to stir up liver wind, thus wind and heat brings impairment of consciousness and convulsion. Heat energy can further be penetrate deep in to pericardium,brain, or the body fluid is consumed by heat and turned into phlegm which blocks the mind, resulting in loss of consciousness and convulsion.

Or, Irregular food intake leads to stagnation in stomach and intestines, resulting obstructing the flow of qi and producing phlegm heat which turns into wind, subsequently the infantile convulsions disease develop.

Or, there could be a possibility of infants weak mind with insufficient vital qi. Sudden seeing of strange things or hearing of strange sounds may disturb internal qi, energy and blood and stir the mind, causing concvulsion.

The beauty of COLOR ACUPUNCTURE is that each treatment is catered to the needs of an individual patient. COLOR energy concept is only on exptremities, chosen for overall well being with the objective of increasing circulation of the blood and Qi and calming the nervous system.

ask : Dr.Dinesh Kapur,> as Acquire Crucial Knowledge To Have CURE effect.


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