• Asthma is a common illness characterized by repeated attacks of paroxysmal dyspnea with wheezing,  condition making it the most common chronic childhood disease to date. During an asthma attack, the lung’s airways (bronchioles)become inflamed, contract and become lined with excessive amounts of mucous—causing a restriction of airflow and making it very difficult to breathe. These attacks often triggered by pollution or some environmental irritant like cigarette smoke, household cleaning agents, or other toxins. Other common triggers include a change in air temperature or humidity ; stress, allergies, and physical exertion.  If there is a history of hives, eczema or skin-related allergies are a common link between skin reactions and chronic asthma.   
 Symptoms of asthma generally include :
 Pain or pressure felt in the chest.
 Chronic cold, persistent cough, especially at night or in the early mornings, itchness in the throat.
 Phlegmatic noise in throat.
 Blue lips, fingers. 
 An audible ‘wheezing’ sound is characteristic of asthma,especially when exhaling.
 Shortness and difficult of breath.
 Causes : Combination of genetic and environmental factors, has a number of triggers which often include :
 Allergies to pollen, grass, certain foods, house dust mites, pets or any other environmental allergens.
 Air pollution or irritants including car and factory emissions.
 A number of perfumed products including deodorants,chemical detergents,fabric softeners and incense.
 Upper respiratory infections colds,flu and sinusitis.
 Physical exertion or exercise.
 Sudden changes in air temperature or humidity.
 Cold air.
 Stress, anxiety and other strong emotions.
 The causative factors are varied from the exogenous pathogenic factors to weakened body resistance. Asthma due to exogenous pathogenic factors is of excess type, and that due to weakened body resistance is of deficiency type.
 Excess type :
 Wind-cold; it denotes due to invasion of wind cold, which impairs the smooth flow of the lung vital, injures the skin and hair, and makes pores closed. Lungs vital fails to disperse and descend, leading to cough.
 Main manifestations : cough with thin sputum, rapid breathing, accompanied by chills, fever, headache and anhidrosis, absense of thirst, white tongue coating.  Lungs main function is of respiration and is associated with the skin and hair, which are first attacked by wind cold in invasive procedure.   

Phlegm-heat type : It refers due to failure of the spleen in transformation and transportation, resulting in production of phlegm from the accumulated dampness. Long standing tetention of phlegm turns into heat.  When phlegm heat stays in the lung, the lung qital is stagnated and the normal activity of the lung is impaired. Failure of lung vital in descending function results in asthma.
 Main manifestations : Rapid and short breathing, strong and coarse voice, cough with thick yellow sputum. When phlegm stays in the lung, sensation of chest stuffiness appears. Fever, restlessness and dryness of mouth are due to presence of heat. Thick yellow or sticky coating are the signs of phlegm heat.
 Deficiency type :
 Lung – Prolonged and protracted cough may weaken and injure lung vital. Deficiency may create shortness of breath and dyspnea.
 Main manifestations : Short and rapid breathing, feeble voice, weak and low sound of coughing, sweating on exertion, pale tongue, pulse of deficiency type.
 Kidney – Overwork and sexual indulgence cn injure the kidney. It can weakens the body resistance and damages the essential energy, failure to receive energy may create causative factor to rise asthma.
 Main manifestations : Dyspnea on eertion after longstanding asthma, severe wheezing, indrawing of the soft tissues of the neck, short breath, lassitude and weakness, sweating, cold limbs, pale tongue. Long standing asthma affects the kidney which is the source of energy. When it is in lowered functioning fails to receive energy and therefore dyspena on exertion, severe wheezing and short breath appear. Exhausted kidney develop emaciation and lassitude, weakness and sweating. To over come the asthmatic symptoms one has to do the followings ;
 Exercise regularly.  Regular, gentle exercise will help strengthen over-all lung and heart functioning. If you are unfit, start off slowly, gradually increasing activity as the fitness levels increase.
 Include Vitamin C, B6 and magnesium, as a lack of these nutrients, implicated in a number of inflammatory conditions,including asthma.
 Avoid sulfites and preservatives as these tend to trigger asthmatic reactions.
 Avoid common irritants such as spray deodorants, perfumed cleaning agents, and cigarette smoke, wherever possible.
 Reduce dust and pollen in the household. During pollen season, try keeping the windows closed and opt for an air conditioner instead. Dust can be reduced by replacing carpets with tiles or wooden floors, buying washable curtains and blinds, and vacuuming upholstered furniture and mattresses regularly.
 Wear a scarf over nose and mouth if have to go out in cold air and avoid exercising in cold air.
 Treat colds and flu as soon as they become evident.
 If stress and anxiety are triggers, learn to manage with relaxation such as meditation, deep breathing exercises.
 Acupuncture SuJok ~ The traditional theory states that Qi, or vital energy is the animating force behind life, the cosmic forces of Nature, and is the root of all things.  It is said that if one stays in touch with vital energy, ones life will be healthy in all its phases, be it •BODY •MIND •EMOTIONS!  Needless to say, if the ASTHMA in your life is throwing you off balance, consider coming in for a treatment through Acupuncture SuJok to regain peace of mind and stay healthy. AND, Eliminate your asthmatic problem.
 One must opt for ACUPUNCTURE SUJOK to have total effectivness.
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11 thoughts on “ASTHMA

  1. smile Amit
    A reference is made to the comment on blog, as Harsh Bhalla and family members taken treatment through the self by acuouncture SuJok. You may also opt to visit the clinic for positive effective results.

  2. Amit tripathy says:

    Hi Harsh( Bhalla),

    I am suffering from asthma for last 5 years. I am planning to go to patel chest institute. could you please tell me who is the best doctor in patel chest for allergy related asthma . I have heard name of Dr S N gaur. Its good to know that your is cured from asthma.


  3. arun garg says:

    hi! dr. dinesh kapur
    my wife was suffering from breathing problem(asthma)for the last more than 12years. she started taking acupuncture sessions under your guidence. it is matter of satisfaction that now she is feeling much relieved. hope she will be perfectly alright soon under your treatment and guidance.
    all the best, with regards
    arun garg

  4. SUNIL CHAHAL says:

    I would like to congratulate Dr Dinesh kapur on the kind of magic he does with accupuncture.My mother an asthma pateint have been to Apollo Hospital in ICU many times and we didnt find any hope of her getting better. she couldn’t leave her oxygen for even 5 min,she couldn’t walk on her own, as was diagnosed in hospital as acute respiratory failure stage V.We heard about Dr kapur and took her to there on a chair .But thanks to Dr kapur ,now when we go there she walks down on her own and is slowly able to leave oxygen the whole day.We hope that she keeps getting better.


  5. Vrinda says:

    Here, I could not find proper thanks word for Dr.Dinesh Kapur who performed acupuncture SUJOK that too on hands. It is brilliant to see the quick results which helped to get rid of uncontrollable time!
    Thanks to doctor!

  6. Bittoo says:

    I would like to thanks to Dr.Dinesh Kapur, rather I have got no words for him, who performed acupuncture sujok treatment to my wife Mrs Manisha Khanna who was suffering from asthmatic problems for the last eighteen years alongwith other multiple problems like throat coarse, shortness of breath, clentched jaws, chronic fatigueness, excessive cough, loss of hair rapidly and many more. My wife was on medication for the same for the last such periods.

    It is very amazing and surprising to find changes in life as well as multiple diseases. Now her most of the medication has been stopped and SHE FEELS LIKE A NEW LIFE TO HER and for this all thanks to Dr.Dinesh Kapur.

    We all familiy members are highly thankful to Doctor Dinesh.

    with warm regards and may god bless him by giving more knowledge to heel the mankind!

    F-102, Agarwal Complex
    A block market, Surajmal Vihar, Delhi
    mobile no. 9810620500. 9910620500

  7. Harsh Bhalla says:

    My mother was suffering from severe asthma. We consult so many doctors in patel chest institute infact my mother gets treated by them for more than two years but then nothing good happens that’s all temporary as soon as the weather changes she again and again gets asthma attack we were very tensed at that time.

    Then one day I went to BALAJI MANDIR, VIVEK VIHAR there somebody told me about the Dr. DINESH KAPUR and his treatment through AQUAPUNCTURE .I took my mother to balalji mandir to Dr. Kapur and now she is getting treated since last 8months and the recovery is fabulous. She is absolutely fine now she can do lot of household work without any breathing problem.

    All I can say is thanks to balaji as he shows me the way to Dr Kapur.
    Thanks Dr. Dinesh Kapur

  8. It appears from your comment that you are aware of six key energy concepts. Send your ailment details enabling me to give you proper CURE effect. The details include your name, how long you are suffering and major symptoms etc.

  9. mns123 says:

    There is no doubt that sujok acupuncture can effectively treat lung disorders such as asthma. Even Russian sujok web site has the clinical trials proving this. Unfortunately the public is unaware of this nonmedicamentous therapy and get addicted to steroid based inhalers.
    Dr. Kapoor, it would be better if you write about the six key diagnosis you carried out or the correspondance points you stimulated.

  10. Indeed, your positive opinion towards the integrated system of alternative medicine SuJok Acupuncture will help so many sufferer to take right decision at the initial stages so that they may have CURE effect too fast.
    smile thanks!

  11. Harsh Bhalla says:

    Here i just want to share my experience on Dr. Dinesh’s knowledge and his command on the art of acupuncture. As mentioned above in his description asthama is becoming a common illness these days due to environmental changes taking place. My mother also suffered from the same disease three years back. Me and my father consulted many doctors but there was no improvement in my mother’s condition. We also contacted Patel Chest Institute Delhi which is known to be specialized for this disease. But unfortunately there was no change and my mother was admitted in ICU thrice in short span of one year. Finally by balaji’s grace we got Dr. Dinesh who cured my mother and now she is fine and enjoying her life as any normal human being. Speacial thanks to Dr. Dinesh.

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