Liver’s one of the function is to produce a type of fat known as triglycerides. It facilitate  production of important hormones for new cell production, also needed to produce estrogen, testosterone, and adrenal hormones. Normally the liver metabolizes fat from the food we eat. Fatty liver syndrome occurs when it start to accumulate large droplets of fat consisting mainly of triglycerides, known as a chemical compound digested by the body to provide it with the energy for metabolism. It is the most common form of fat that we digest. To be absorbed,these parts are broken apart in the small intestine, and afterwards are reassembled with cholesterol to form chylomicrons. This process is the main source of energy for cells in the body. Fat cells and liver cells are used as storage and release when the body needs the energy.
 Mainly triglyceride levels are a risk factor for atherosclerosis, narrowing of arteries with the buildup of fatty plaques that may lead to heart attack,stroke, narrowed arteries slow or block blood flow to the heart.  Blood brings needed oxygen to the heart. It can also lead to hardening of arteries and may be associated with other diseases including : •poorly-controlled diabetes •kidney disease  •Alcohol consumption can raise triglyceride blood levels by causing the liver to produce more fatty acids and also cause for pancreatitis.
 Triglyceride levels in the blood are measured by a simple blood test. Often, triglycerides, cholesterol, HDL(high density lipoprotein), and LDL(low density lipoprotein) are measured at the same time.  Extremely high triglyceride levels (greater than 500mg/dl) may cause pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas).
 Returning triglycerides to normal will decrease the risk of heart attack and stroke.  Decreasing the intake of sugar, and continue cutting back will help to control it. Remember to read the labels to check for sugar content in both food and beverages.
 Changing from white to brown: If you eat white rice, bread, and pasta, switch to whole wheat products, it’s worth effort.  Limit or avoid foods with saturated and trans fat. These include fried foods, lard, butter, whole milk, ice cream, commercial baked goods, meats, and cheese. Switch to monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, and sources of these fats are olive oil,canola oil,nuts,fatty fish like salmon.
 Exercise,of course, the right food, to get started, add nutrients to the diet.
 Soy to manage Cholesterol – significantly lower cholesterol, and high in iron, its cholesterol-lowering benefits are powerful enough.
 Fiber – including foods such as apples, barley, beans and other legumes, fruits and vegetables and brown rice — clearly lower blood cholesterol. High-fiber foods are also digested more slowly, so they don’t cause spikes in blood sugar levels like white bread, potatoes and sweets do. High-fiber foods help us feel full, making it easier to control weight.
 In Su Jok <acupuncture> therapy based on the fundamental laws, systemic knowledge is used that was accumulated by Chinese, Indian and Western medicine. Su Jok therapeutic methods include treatment through correspondence systems, byol-meridians, Six Energies treatment at the level of meridians and chakras. This allows to effectively cope with severe diseases in a short time, including the chronic invalidating forms. The purpose of this work was to determine the effectiveness of different approaches offered by Su Jok acupuncture for treating triglycerides.
 All integrative methods of treatment are drug free and natural holistic therapy. The course of treatment is definitely uneventful. ONE MUST OPT FOR IT, irrespective of triglycerides levels or uncontrolled diabetes.
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8 thoughts on “TRIGLYCERIDES

  1. Akram Bapu says:

    I am suffering from Uric Acid, Triglyceride, Sugar, Back pain and Hearing loss in one of the ear. My wife and I
    came to know about Dr. Dinesh Kapur through his Blog and after the initial communication with Dr. we decided to visit Dr. to try out the alternative therapy “SuJok-Accupancture”. Since we are leaving abroad my wife decided to
    learn this therapy so that she can treat me for my existing problems. We met Dr. Dinesh in Delhi and he started to
    treat me and teach my wife. We sincerely appreciate Dr. Dinesh’s dedication in treatment and teaching. He
    is very well versed and expertise in “Sujok-Accupanture” concept
    and the knowledge he has got on this is
    unexceptional. I was feeling better while Dr. was treating me and currently my wife is treating me with the Dr.
    Dinesh Kapur’s guidance. One thing I would like to share with all the people that, this therapy needs a clear mindset from the patient and he should mentally accept the treatment. My wife has learned about Acupuncture, Color Therapy, Seed Therapy and Moksa from Dr. Dinesh. During his treatment and teaching we found he is very nice, helpful and polite person and heartiest thanks to Dr. Dinesh.
    Akram Bapu

  2. smile Akram
    It may be because earlier your life style may be either of stressfull or you may be eating in routine red meat, oily and spicy stuff, and at the same time not doing any exercise. But you may opt to apply as per the diagram and get it again tested after four to eight sessions.

  3. Akram says:

    Hi dr dinesh,how r u,
    I had done my blood test the resulst are here given below
    Hbaic avg-7.5. Sugar fasting-154,Random -238. Uric acid 7.7. Triglyceride-473. Cholestrol-232. Hdl-40. Ldl-157. Haemoglobin-14. ESR-20
    I got my stool test done it is not having any infection,but when i pass stool there is mucus like thing in my stool,the bleeding very very less i can say may be 1% that too in end of the stool.
    Could you tell me why my Triglyceride is so high as i dnt eat meat,the blood results were really annoying me.I had been to audiologist just to check for my ear,i did not get the audiometry done,but he did some test using the tong he made me hear some vibrations,i was not able to hear from my left ear,i will be doing an audiometry very soon,the audiologist told the left ear is completely dead.
    Thank you very much
    Regards, Akram

  4. Neeraj Jain says:

    Acupuncture is very-2 effective to cure diabetes, this i can say on the basis of my personnel experience. During May 2009 diabetes detected in me having F/PP values as 379/476 respectively and I started this treatment by Dr.Dinesh Kapur on 17.05.09 & my disease started disappearing slowly. On 11.08.09 I got my blood sugar tested & F/PP values were 89/100.Thus my blood sugar completely under control in just 3 months & I get rid of my disease in such a small period of time & this is amazing that it happens without having any allopathic tablets.
    BESIDES, During May 2009 I got tested for reduce in weight. The test results were B.Sugar F 379 PP 476, Triglycerides 988, Total Cholesterol 198 VLDL 200 HDL 32 & I consulted with Dr Dinesh Kapur & started my treatment for all these diseases.Now with this treatment Im able to regain my weight & my B.Sugar results were F 142, PP 148 Triglycerides 138 ,Total Cholesterol 44, VLDL 44 HDL 43 & I didnt take any Tablet for lowering this.Im extremely thankful to Dr Dinesh Kapur to guide me properly.
    Thanks to SUJOK .JAI BALAJI
    Neeraj Jain

  5. Rahul says:

    I Rahul Behl’s alll the time wish to gain more in depth knowledge to Dr.Dinesh Kapur. As I was suffering from Toxic Multinodular Goiter-thyroid (Hyperthyroidism) with other symptoms as excessive sweating all over the body, trembling of body, excessive uncontrollbale heat sensation in the body, weight loss, nervousness, agitation and anxiety, tiredness, . I have also taken radio therapy and was having treatment from the well reputed hospitals AIIMS & ENMAS in Delhi.
    Besides I had taken treatment for ATD for four years. After having sessions of approximately 20nos, there was a tremendous change in the symptoms, and pathological reports which shows not less then 100TSH, now come under range. It has now been posible even to join my routine life. That is possible only because of Dr.Dinesh Kapur’s SuJok concept.
    God help him more a lots.
    Rahul Behl, 09716409986

  6. Thanks a lot Mr.Neeraj. Indeed, your acceptance will help others to opt for the integreted system of alternative medicine, especially Acupuncture SuJok.

  7. Neeraj Jain says:

    During May 2009 I got tested for reduce in weight.The test results were B.Sugar F 379 PP 476 Triglycerides 988 Total Cholesterol 198 VLDL 200 HDL 32 & I consulted with Dr Dinesh Kapur & started my treatment for all these diseases.Now with this treatment Im able to regain my weight & my B.Sugar results were F 142, PP 148 Triglycerides 138 ,Total Cholesterol 44, VLDL 44 HDL 43 & I didnt take any Tablet for lowering this.Im extremely thankful to Dr Dinesh Kapur to guide me properly.

  8. Lowering Triglycerides says:

    Good post that is some very useful information. If you want to lower your triglycerides, it could be useful to take a supplement. As you grow older your coenzyme q10 count decreases and this enzyme helps keep a balanced triglyceride level. Supplements can balance your loss of this enzyme.

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