Constipation is a common condition that affects people of all ages. If constipated, one feel that stools(faeces) is not passing  as often as normally do, or one has a strain more than usual, or unable to completely empty bowels. Constipation can also cause stools to be unusually hard, lumpy, large, or small.  The severity of constipation can vary greatly, which can lead to complications, such as faecal impaction (where dry, hard stools collect in the rectum) or faecal incontinence (where involuntarily leak liquid stools around solid impacted stools). It could be because of enlargements of veins of the rectum.  This condition is often called piles.  Veins in the rectum are of two sets, the internal veins line the lower rectum and extend upwards and the external veins lie beneath the skin at the anus (rectal opening).  When any of these veins dilate(enlarge), they become haemorrhoids.  Any condition that causes prolonged or repeated increase in the blood pressure in the rectal veins may contribute to the process of haemorrhoids.  Such conditions may include constipation, pregnancy, and long periods of standing. 
 Haemorrhoids of the external veins usually cause little discomfort unless a blood clot forms in the affected vein and causes inflammation.  Haemorrhoids of the internal veins may bleed or descend through the anus as a result of bowel movements.  Such haemorrhoids may cause pain or itching.The treatment for constipation, one of the main cause of it, which is exceptionally very effective through Acupuncture SuJok.
 Symptoms – constipation, diarrhoea, presence of mucus, exacerbating factors, and factors related to the relief of symptoms.
 Or Bleeding; painless bright red bleeding is the commonest symptom of internal haemorrhoids, and often occurs with defecation.
 Anal itch; Occurs with internal haemorrhoids, due to prolapse of rectal mucosa causing chronic mucus discharge and irritation of the perinatal skin. Soiling, which also occurs with prolapse, may cause anal itch.
 Prolapse; It occurs with a bowel movement and is associated with an uncomfortable sensation of rectal fullness, incomplete evacuation, and a lump at the anal verge.
 Pain; a rarely significant symptom of internal haemorrhoids, if pain strangulated : progressive venous engorgement and incarceration of the acutely inflamed haemorrhoid leads to thrombosis and infarction.  External haemorrhoids do not usually cause symptoms unless thrombosis occurs, in which case they present acutely as a severely painful perinatal lump.
 More Fibre and fluids in routine diet can overcome the symptoms. It includes  fruit, vegetables, wholegrain rice, wholewheat, wholemeal bread, seeds, nuts, and oats. More fibre mean bowel movements regular because it helps food to pass through the digestive system more easily.  Make sure to drink plenty of fluids, to avoid dehydration.
 Besides this, keeping mobile and active will reduce the risk of getting constipation. Not only, regular exercise reduce the risk of becoming constipated, it will also leave you feeling healthier, and improve your mood, energy levels and general fitness.
 Treatment through ACUPUNCTURE SuJok, is one such treatment, which is very effective to have CURE at all the three levels – BODY, MIND, EMOTIONS. High effect; when applied properly, an evident effect is often felt within few sessions, some time even one session. High effect-on pricking 1mm small micro tiny needles on hand to adjust the energy system of body or with small magnets similar to pulse size to put on fingers only.  Thus, it can give effectiveness to have CURE of haemorrhoids.
 The remission of the disease can be achieved and medicament’s therapy simultaneously can be reduced or eliminated altogether. The course of treatment is definitely uneventful. Try !
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20 thoughts on “HAEMORRHOIDS

  1. George says:

    Is there a complete cure for Psoriasis in Sujok? How many sessions of treatment required for a person who is suffering from Psoriasis for complete recovery? The person has been suffering for the past 20 years and the limbs and scalp are affected the most.

  2. pooja says:

    Sir pls suggest me the relief.I m suffering from extreme hairfall problem.whether sujok magnet will stop hairfall.
    Thank you sir

  3. VK Behl says:

    Even sujok acupuncture helped in curing my fissures, piles. Plus thing is that the whole treatment is only on the hands, thanks to doctor Dinesh.

  4. divkaran says:

    special thanks to dr.kapoor for treating babaji for his back pain we could nt have thought of a deep relation between back pain and gastric trouble . thanks alot for treatment as well as guidelines on healthy lifestyle

  5. Dr.Ajay Singh says:

    hello Dr kapur
    Its a good idea to start a blog on Sujok Acupunture.Through this site many people will be able to know about this science.Gt8 job.

    Smile regards, Dr.Ajay Singh

  6. K. Nanda Kishore says:


    Just dropped in to say thanks to Dr. Kapoor as he helped me to come out of the painfull experience of fissures/piles, which had become a part of my life since many years.
    But it was due to the magical therapy of SUJOK that I could prevent them from erupting again and again.
    Thankyou Dr. Kapoor for the constant support to me and my family in combating these painfull and dreadfull diseases.


  7. Mitali says:

    hello sir,

    thanks for your reply.
    i have talked to the patient today itself.once again FNAC was done and the reports confirmed the diagnosis of benign fibrocystic disease only.
    but doctors have asked her to take a second opinion from an oncologist… so we are just waiting for that.
    warm regards.


  8. Padmini, thanks
    There is sure treatment of hair loss, thinning of hari, you will start getting results within four sessions and in case of thyroid. you will get positive results after 10 sessions. You may visit the clinic alongwith reports.

  9. padmini says:

    hello sir,
    i came to know about your blog through a friend of mine.
    do you have the treatment for hereditary hair loss and thinning of hair in females.
    the thyroid levels are normal.
    the only apparent cause visible is anaemia but intake of iron and folic acid supplements does not improve the condition.
    the Hb levels are 11 gm% age 23 yrs.the thinning of hair started 1-2 yrs back.

  10. Mitali says:

    thanks for your reply sir.
    i am from delhi only.i would be visiting you soon.
    the patient’s age is 67yrs weight- 47kg. she also has urinary incontinence with burning micturition along with weakness.
    the patient has tried sujok without any results even after 10 sessions.
    i am afraid that the benign tumour might turn cancerous.
    if it does,do u have a treatment for the malignant one aswell???
    the person we tried treatment from had just learnt sujok. so i guess experience counts alot in this field.

  11. Mitali, thanks for going through the blog. Yes there is a treatment for autism. One could get exceptionally positive results in case of benign fibrocystic of breast. If you are putting up near by in Delhi, India, you may personally visit the clinic otherwise send more details of disease symptoms with age, weight and location you are having. Details of any family history of major disease and operation if any, you have gone through.
    To your well being, smile life!

  12. Mitali says:

    hello sir,

    i am a regular reader of your blog.
    i have recently read your article on ADHD.
    is there any treatment for AUTISM aswell???
    also i want to know if benign fibrocystic diseae of breast is curable with sujok?
    the size of the tumor is 3 x 2.5 x 2 cm in the left breast.

    warm regards


  13. Sachin says:

    Hi Mr kapoor,
    Just wanted to inquire that one my friends damaged ligaments of the knee region as he fell from the stairs. Now doctors had advised him to get operated due to the pain he is suffering. I have some vague idea that it can be treated by suzok accupuncture. Can you please provide me clear picture about this so that I could advise my friend accordingly.
    Thanks a lot.

  14. Pavani says:

    Here I just want to share my experience on Dr. Dinesh’s knowledge and his command on the art of SUJOK acupuncture. The above mentioned constipation is becoming a common illness these days due to wrong food habits and lifestyle. My mother suffered from the Piles since last 20 yrs and with no proper cure for it . We loooked at every available options including 3 operations and one major operation as well but was of no use . Only thing that happened was that she suffered more. But a SPECIAL THANKS to Dr. Dinesh as now after such a long time of 20 years she has got a major relief from that disease.
    I only feel sorry that why did not we got to know of him and about this therapy before .Had we known about it she would not have suffered so much.
    Now I have such a faith in this therapy that I refer people to this treatment rather than wasting money and precious time on all other things which only have relief for some time.
    I would end saying that right things come at right time and only by God’s Grace.

    JAI BALAJI!!!!!!!!

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