Scabies is a very itchy skin condition caused by tiny mites, itch mite, sarcoptes scabies that burrow into the skin  to produce intense itching, which tends to be worse at night. Any one can be affected, even those who keep themselves very clean can get scabies. The mites which cause scabies are not visible with the naked eye. Transmission of the mites involves close person-to-person, contact of the skin-to-skin variety. It is hard, if not impossible, to catch scabies by shaking hands, sharing cloths,or even sharing bedclothes that had mites in them the night before and other household,personal belongings. The physical contact required to contract scabies may,however, be sexual, and sexual contact is the most common form of transmission among sexually active people. However, other forms of physical contact, such as mothers hugging the children, are sufficient to spread the mites. Scabies often affects several family members at the same time.
 A mite burrows very quickly under the skin, especially in areas where it is rough or wrinkled, such as the elbows, knuckles and knees. Touching or scratching an area that is infested with mites can spread them to other parts of the body. The scabies mite that infests humans does not live on dogs or other pets. Similarly, animal-transmitted scabies mites do not survive or reproduce on humans. However, they can live long enough on humans to cause itchy hives or raised bumps.
 Symptoms ; Scabies produce severe itching and irritated skin that is usually worse at night, small red bumps and blisters and affect specific areas of the body. It may involve the webs between the fingers, the wrists and the backs of the elbows, the knees, areas around the waist and umbilicus, the axillary folds, the areas around the nipples, bra line, and the sides of the breasts in women, the sides and backs of the feet, the genital area in men, and the buttocks. The bumps, papules may contain blood crusts. It is helpful to know that not every bump is a bug.
 Children typically have worse skin reactions. Itching usually starts first, around or on the scalp, neck and face.  On the palms and soles, often the first symptom noticed in babies is a series of tiny blister like sores in these areas. It often becomes noticeable at night or after bathing and is sometimes mistaken for dry skin. Itching is caused by an allergic reaction to the scabies mite. Irritated skin often appears as a rash and skin sores that look like tiny curving tracks. These symptoms are a result of the mite tunneling under the upper layers of the skin but sometime a small blister or the mite itself, which looks like a tiny black dot, at the end of a burrow. Babies may only have red and inflamed skin, sometimes with small blister like sores. Nodular scabies; are small reddish brown raised areas (nodules), may develop in covered areas such as the armpits, groin, buttocks, scrotum, and penis.
 The most common complication of scabies is a bacterial skin infection, such as impetigo. This most often occurs when the skin has been scratched raw. Hair follicles may also become infected. The skin can become thick, red, and scaly or shiny from persistent scratching.
 Risk ; People are at higher risk of exposure to scabies mites those sexually active, close skin-to-skin contact(not specifically sexual intercourse) makes transmission more likely.  People who live or work in institutions such as nursing homes, homes for the developmentally disabled, and prisons.  People who live in crowded conditions.  Or people who have weakened immune systems.
 If one has suddenly develop severe night time itching, or develop serious side effects from any product used to treat scabies, itching lasts longer than 4 weeks after treatment or develop skin infection resulting increased pain, swelling, heat, redness or tenderness, continued discharge of pus, high fever, one should contact the doctor.
 Prevention ; Avoiding close skin-to-skin contact with someone who has scabies, as well as with their personal items, will help to avoid getting scabies. Destroy the bedding and clothing of the affected person as soon as prescription treatment begins.  Wash linens and bedclothes in hot water, because mites don’t live long away from the body, it is not necessary to dry-clean the whole wardrobe, spray furniture and rugs, and so forth.  Treat sexual contacts or relevant members (who either have symptoms or have the kind of relationship that makes transmission likely). Cut your nails, and clean under them thoroughly to remove any mites.  Try to avoid scratching. Keep any open sores clean.  
ACUPUNCTURE SuJok, the energy concept emphasise that any bacteria itself is a wind, and irritation, itching, inflammation itself indicates that heat energy is dominant. If any one is aware of the energy concept can give positive results.  Moreover, irritation, inflammation, one can get results in a short treatment sessions.

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To your well being, smile life!


15 thoughts on “SCABIES

  1. Kav says:

    Hi there,
    I just wanted to know if acupuncture is effective for eradicating scabies?
    Me and my family contracted scabies via close relative since then we have been treated with two applications of 5% permethrin. I have thrown away old bedding and replaced with new for everyone. Washed towels in boiling water and dried in high temperate. I have used dettol disinfectant on all surfaces/shoes/toys. Even replaced sofa throws. All other stuff has been put in bin liners knotted up and put away for a few weeks. Im currently also treating myself with tea tree oil mixed with Vaseline and showering with 10% sulphur soap. My 8 month old daughter is very itchy on her scalp face and ears but there are no spots or blisters. I can’t stand to see her suffer, please help.

  2. computer running slow says:

    Thank you for yet another interesting article concerning SCABIES SuJok Blog. Exactly where else could people get that kind of info in such a concise way of writing? I have a presentation in a month’s time, and I am on the hunt for such information.

  3. Scabies Natural Treatment says:

    I guess it is the contagious nature of scabies which is a threat to all people living in close environment.

  4. Scabies Natural Treatment says:

    It is by far the contagious nature of scabies which makes it a matter of concern for people living in an environment

  5. Get Rid Of Scabies says:

    Scabies is a condition i wish i never have to face ever again. And to makes things worse is its contagious nature which poses a threat to people around you.

  6. Vikram says:

    Thanks Dr. Dinesh.
    Its through normal skin contact only. So as suggested i will use the first option.
    Which correspondence works better. Is it main correspondence, Insect, yogic , Mini.
    How long the color should be applied in day’s time and which part of the day Morning , afternoon, evening, night is more effective.
    I hope you don’t mind telling in Six Ki which Byol meridian to be sedated -is it GB, LI or both I assume its yang wind/dryness excess.
    Can i use magnets to sedate if yes for how much time in a day and max for how many days.
    Look forward to your response

  7. Vikram says:

    Hello Dr. Dinesh- I have this problem for past 10 days or so.

    I think i picked it up from my relative by touch who is also having sever itching.

    I have used Homeopathic medication so far.

    Hope this answers.


  8. Vikram, you did not mention your location. Plus other details you want to highlight ie duration of problem, how it has develop and on medication of which therapy-ayurvedic,homoeopath,medicine etc, enabling to give proper response.
    smile,Dr.Dinesh kapur

  9. Vikram says:

    Thanks for your response. I have some basic knowledge so if you can tell me here what can i do to get relieved would be really great.

    I can provide you if any further info is required.


  10. Vikram, YES,one can get positive results through SuJok’s different concepts. Please elaborate more and also let me know, are you aware of sujok therapy. Besides if you are nearby to the Delhi, you may personally visit.

  11. Vikram says:

    I have developed sever itching with red bumps on my testicals, it itches all over the body though in the night. After immense itching on the testicals it burns. No lotion or cream works. Coconut oil is of some relief.

    Could you suggest some treatment thru this blog.


  12. Arthur, smile thanks for going through the Blog topic ‘scabies’, you may further spare a moment to see the column ‘about’.
    Let me clarify you that the undersigned do not work on Chinese medicine Acupuncture treatment. Rather my emphasise on treatment concept is of Acupuncture SuJok on the energy basis, only on the miniature form of hands or feet, the originator of this concept is Prof Park of Korea. The Chinese concept is on meridian basis whereas the Korean concept is on ENERGY based, mainly focusing on the hands-feet, and the latest advancement is on stem cell basis. There is an advancement in this concept, as one of the reason is that it focuses through energy concept, one can focus
    on Triorigin, Spiral, Eight Origin, Homo-Hetero or Axial relationship of energy dominant according to the constitution of an individual.
    In SuJok, WIND either could be Gall Bladder-Liver or Lung-Large Intestine, similarly, DRYNESS could be Kidney-Urinary Bladder or Lung-Large Intestine, BUT ACCORDING TO CHINESE CONCEPT WIND IS LIVER-GALL BLADER AND DRYNESS IS LUNG-LARGE INTESTINE.
    Any allergy factor too much means Hotness energy is dominant according to Six energy theory and Hetero energy is dominant according to Triorigin concept
    . If there is symptom of itching too much means <stagnation of energy, liquids collected but if on stretches movements of itching is there,it decreases. If skin disease develop means Dryness energy is not good, it depends upon the constitution. Deep organs, condition of internal organs can reflex outside or outside factor ‘weather’ can reflex inside the organs.
    The color of the skin is controlled by the Liver, if there is redness means, excess of heat energy, this can also be controlled by the Lung energy. If one has to regenerate the cells, treatment concept should be <tonify sub-sub-branch energy WIND within sub branch energy DRYNESS of branch hotness of basic Yang-Hotness(head) or to tackle through Triorigin if the problem . But if there is a pus, purulist,abses,
    furuncluses even an inflamamtion means exces of humidity energy or there is a rash, scence of heat, itching means heat energy is excess.
    According to energy concept everything is possible. Though it is not relevant here to mention that through energy concept one can revive the damaged kidney such results are possible because of energy, As energy may go upto any extent, and at any level, because of this it is possible to give CURE effect
    irrespective of level of disease. Even with chronopuncture concept one can treat any disease, as it is based on the time, space factor. Besides this, in Acupuncture SuJok, there is a concept of giving cure effect through conscious level, irrespective of disease! If you feel there is more, please guide me.
    To your well being, smile life!

  13. arthuryinfan says:

    You mentioned acupuncture, what relationship between acupuncture and your topic SCABIES?

    Did you study a little bit about acupuncture? What is the understanding and treatments for SCABIES in Chinese medicine?
    Please read a book related such topic before you write it.



  14. Suresh Khandelwal says:


    Thank you very much on the article of ‘Scabies’. Would you please tell which energy is dominate in Scabies.

    With regards,


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