The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) has determined that the H1N1(swine flu) virus that has been causing illness in people is contagious and is spreading from human to human.  Severe illness (pneumonia and respiratory failure) and deaths have been reported with swine flu (H1N1) infection in people.  Swine flu is a new influenza virus causing illness in people. Human-to-human infection with the H1N1 flu virus likely occurs the same way as seasonal flu, when an infected person coughs or sneezes into air that others breathe in.
 Symptoms ;
 Swine flu is generally mild to moderate in its severity in humans, and is commonly characterized by ;
 Fatigue, lethargy,
 Lack of appetite,
 Sore throat,
 Runny nose,
 Muscle aches,
 Stomach ache, and diarrhea may also occur. 
 One should get urgent medical attention if having fast breathing or trouble breathing or shortness of breath, bluish or gray skin color, are not drinking enough fluid.
 One should limit the contact with others to avoid spreading infections (including influenza and other respiratory illnesses).
 Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth normally germs spread that way.
 Try to avoid close contact with sick people.
 Besides, the absolute vapour pressure in the air is related to the ability of the virus to survive and be transmitted between people. So the drier the air the easier it is for the virus to survive and be transmitted.”  Low humidity also tends to dry out and irritate your nose, which can make you more susceptible to infections transferred via fingers and inanimate objects.
 One may follow the ways to prevent the spread of illness by taking everyday actions to stay healthy. 
 Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze.
 Throw the tissue in the trash after you use it.
 Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially after you cough or sneeze.
 Alcohol-based hands cleaners are also effective.
 Avoid touching your face. Touching your mouth, nose and eyes; can introduce flu virus into your system. Germs spread that way.
 Stay home if you get sick.
 Follow public health advice regarding school closures, avoiding crowds and other social distancing measures. These measures will continue to be important after a novel H1N1 vaccine is available because they can prevent the spread of other viruses that cause respiratory infections.  The “H” stands for haemaglutinin and the ‘N” stands for neuraminidase. These are changeable structures in the virus that interact with the immune system. In any case if IMMUNITY is week, there are more chances to attack the virus.
 It is aimed and observations at the clinical efficacy of non-invasive methods of SuJok particularly Acupuncture therapy in treatment, rehabilitation and enhancement of resistance of frequently ill person, with chronic internal foci of infection and recurrent respiratory diseases, to external infections. When evaluating the energy state common characteristics were found that allowed to apply some universal approaches to treatment of a group of frequently ill person, in most of the people the general energy state was low and affected organs were characterized by energy deficiency. The greatest imbalance was found in the corporal Yin meridian system and most often the dominating energy was coldness (fear).
 Acupuncture (SuJok), itself is a powerful medicine, which aids in strengthening the immune system and serves to prevent diseases, control pain and increase both the ability to function and the quality of peoples lives.  Acupuncture has been shown to promote the health and improve the body’s immune function. It has also helped many people who were not successfully treated through conventional western medicine.  Several conditions can be dramatically improved or remedied in full including the existing.
 I personally feels if one has a strong IMMUNITY, it can not affect the person. AND, Acupuncture may enhance the immunity in a effective way including the other symptoms. The treatment concept is only on the palms.
 Treatment ;
 Enhance immunity. It can be through marking red color with permanent marker pen on the palm at the mount below thumb, as per picture.
 Index finger middle joint to mark with red color horizontally<in circle>. 
 According to energy concept of SuJok, Heat chakra is projected, its centre is in the middle of the thumb’s proximal phalanx’s.  It will also keep the immunity stronger. One should mark with red color permanent marker pen as shown in picture.
 Enhancement of body’s resistance to infections(stimulate of the thymus, adrenal glands and the pituitary gland),
 Elimination of symptoms of inflammation through spleen,
 Improvement of microcirculation and oxidation process in tissues,
 Normalisation of cortico subcortical links,
 Increase of the general tonus and recovery of impaired psycho emotional state.
 THIS TOOL DOES NOT PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE. It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address an individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about the health. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the BLOG. If you think you may have a medical emergency, immediately call the doctor.  It has been highlighted for the benefits of mankind, human being. If any body require more details may ask. Though, no medicine is recommended, hence no side effect. If applied properly, one may get the positive results. THOUGH, the information provided here is for educational and informational purposes only. In no way one should it be considered as offering medical advice, but a natural one.
 ONE MAY VISIT AT BALAJI MANDIR, VIVEK VIHAR, DELHI, for overcoming the symptoms, that will be done totally free of charges.
 Submit your comments if you get positive results or ask ; originsmile.wordpress.com <Dr.Dinesh Kapur>                                 
 To your well being, smile life!


12 thoughts on “SWINE FLU

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    Simply, one of the best article l have come across on this precious subject. I quite agree with your suppositions and will eagerly look forward to your forthcoming updates.

  7. D. Nageswara Rao says:

    Smile Dr. Dinesh Kapur, I have gone through the ‘about’ and it is impressive. Energy concepts of Su Jok are excellent.

    I have witnessed excellent results even in Multiple Sclerosis case also by manipulating unified coldness energies through directional seeds and helping the patient to do it herself. Innumerable Spinal cord degeneration problems were solved with very very simple techniques with seeds, pressure, colour, moxa with agarbatti etc. done by patients themselves. Kidney stones were removed by just applying moxa, colour and seed by the patient himself in triorigin correspondence. Professionalism does not mean making things complicated in a so called systematic way. Professionalism means making things simple and effective where people can use themselves and feel confident about the power of themselves as well as Su Jok.

    I am not against needles, I do not appreciate almost all su jok practitioners using needles and talking only about them. Many of my Su Jok colleagues confess that they put needle because they get money. Patients fear to put needles themselve and feel needles are something special only a Sujok Practitioner can do. Hence the money. This makes people doctor dependent which is against the very essence of Su Jok.

    I love that doctor who makes his patient a master of his own problem. And encourages the patient to solve his health problem himself. It is below the dignity of a human being to go to a doctor and reveal something very confidential and personal about his body and mind, as put forth by Prof. Park, Jae woo.

    The techniques like ocupressure, colour, seed, manpulating energies with just bare fingers etc. etc., brings confidence in Su Jok and confidence of patients for themselves. There is nothing wrong in taking money for the treatment. But making them doctor dependent and transgressing the human dignity again and again is wrong.

    This is what makes me to propagate all other user friendly methods propagated by Prof. Park, Jae woo. The prophylactic massage which everybody can do with total confidence themselves has helped at least 25 ladies known to me to become slim and get rid of many ailments including diabetes.

    My intention is not to belittle any body or any technique or to show off myself. My intention is to propagate all techniques which are simple, usable by people themselves and make them feel confident to use themselves. Any way complicated problems need to be tackled by professionals in a professional way. But there also the baton should be handed over from Doctor to the patient as early as possible.

    I wish that every bit of my interaction with others should be one step forward to make people self sufficient in solving one or other problem themselves. Su Jok brings out the inner potential in each and every human being and makes them self confident.

    I feel really sad when somebody comes to me for treatment many times for the same problem. I feel very happy and smile, when somebody solves his problem himself/herself and discovers a new method of solving the problem and informs me. I have many instances like that to narrate.

    All diseases are psychosomatic. So all treatment is also psychosomatic. That is the power of intention. Su Jok works on the power of intention. Every human being has got that power in equal measure. Just let us tell that and make people experience that. That is Su Jok.

    One lady has got sever itching all over the body and could not withstand it and was weeping. Just by pressing the Homo point on the right thumb for just 1 minute the itching stopped completely. This was witness by 20 people.

    Human being is a miracle in this universe and most evolved. Through Su Jok, God wants to reveal it to Human Beings. Su Jok encompasses both the science of being and art of living. Su Jok with all its techniques is not great before the Human being. Su Jok is an excellent tool to unleash the power of human being.

    One Life time is not sufficient to learn Su Jok. But this life is sufficient to experience it.

    Smile day.

  8. smile Nageswara, You may further have a look on page ‘about’, you will find how effective is energy concepts of SuJok, where in some cases conventional medicine can not give results. You may write any case history with authenticated results and procedures for the treatment. Its a complete science and one should work like a professional.

  9. D. Nageswara Rao says:

    Thank you sir. Yes you are right! I am a bit bald. definitely I do not have a visiting card about su jok and no question of putting a photo on it. I do not market myself since I do not work for money from Su Jok. I do not know whether I am Neutro or Hetero. Once Prof. Park, Jae woo himself described me as Neutro and Hetero. Now I got one more comment that I am Homo. Thanks for that.

    As I understand from Prof. Jae woo, Su Jok is for self help and every citizen of the world should learn it and become self sufficient. Its origin itself is to simplify everything.

    To spread it fast to everybody, Hetero is required and simple solutions need to be told to the people. If they get results they may get in to Su Jok. I am confident that they will get results.

    Unfortunately, Su Jok has become more of a business rather than a self help to be healthy. It is a sorry state of affairs.

    Definitely, my knowledge of Su Jok is limited, but my knowledge has solved many of my problems and problems of the people around me. That is the greatness of Su Jok.

    That is why, I wholeheartedly and with 100% conviction advise people to go into Su Jok.

    As prof. Park, Jae woo and Shri Ashok Kumar Kothari have siad that Seed Therapy is the most loved by them. It is easy and effective for self help. Needles scare away the people and Prof. Park recommend seeds to needles.

    I advise people all to read “Su Jok for everybody” book and they can solve many problems themselves. Even today that is the first and best book in Su Jok.

    My request to Su Jok lovers is not to complicate the subject unnecessarily to get business advantage. When we complicate things, there will not be any advantage except turning the people away from Su Jok.

    I request you to see the you tube videos put by Lions club of Mumbai on Su Jok on internet. I like them most. Please do add some thing like that to spread Su Jok.

  10. Smile thanks Mr Rao, Though you are aware of SuJok concepts and your concentration is only through seeds. I emphasise that any disease irrespective of nature can effectively be cure through different concepts of onnuni medicines of Prof Park. Its good way to market yourself?
    Let me find out my potentital itself, the way you have commented. and my observation about the concept or knowledge I gain from Prof Park, it appears you are a Homo, must be bald and keeping your pix on the visiting card? Accept the fact genuinely.
    smile and enjoy!

  11. D. Nageswara Rao says:

    A wonderful explanation of Swine Flu. Thank you. Now those who get swine flu need to consult a professional doctor, there is no alternative to it. However, is there any way to stop catching Swine Flu? Yes there is a way shown by Prof. Park, Jae woo.

    Take one inch micro-pore tape (called surgical tape and sold in medical stores). Take fenugreek seeds which are available in your kitchen (called Methi). Apply the methi / fenugreek seeds on the tape so that they cover the entire sticky portion. Turn the tape around the middle phlanx of your left hand index finger so that the methi seeds will be touching the finger around the middle phlanx completely. Then paste the tape around so that the tape is neither too lose to fall off or too tight to create pain. It should be moderately tight. You can keep it the whole day or keep over night. change the tape and seeds daily i.e. once in 24 hours. Do not use used tape or used seeds.

    You are done. Swine flu do not dare to catch you easily. What is the reason? You are sending sufficient energy to the lungs so that lungs will be able to fight any virus that enters it then and there itself efficiently.

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