The upper part of the abdomen contains all the important organs of digestion and excretion-the stomach, intestines, liver and gall bladder, pancreas, kidneys and ureters – as well as the spleen and the adrenal glands.  The lower abdomen – pelvis contains the internal organs of reproduction – the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus in women and the seminal vesicles and prostate in men and the bladder.
Abdominal pain may result from disorders in any of these organs or the lymph glands that drain them, in the tissues that surround them, or in tissues of the abdominal wall.  Much less commonly, pain may be referred to the abdomen from other parts of the body, such as the chest organs or the spinal cord.
CAUSES :  Disorders of the stomach and intestines are among the causes of abdominal pain. They include, PEPTIC ULCER DISEASE, GASTROINTERITIS, APPENDICITIS, COLITIS, DIVERTICULAR DISEASE, DYSPEPSIA, and bowel obstruction or perforation.
 Disorders of the digestive glands may be responsible, among them HEPATITIS, CHOLECYSTITIS, GALLSTONES and PANCREATITIS. Digestive system pain may be felt in the upper, middle or lower abdomen, is often spasmodic and may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea.
Urinary tract disorders, including NEPHRITIS, PYELONEPHRITIS, URINARY STONES AND CYSTITIS, are possible causes.  Kidney pain is often also felt in the small of the back, and bladder disorders cause pain in the lower abdomen or genitals.
Disorders of the reproductive system can also cause abdominal pain. In women the commonest causes are DYSMENORRHOEA; disorders of early pregnancy, such as miscarriage; ECTOPIC PREGNANCY, SALPINGITIS or other pelvic infections and ENDOMETRIOSIS, OVARIAN CYSTS and ovulation pain. These conditions usually cause lower abdominal or lower back pain and may be accompanied by abnormal bleeding or discharge from the vagina. In men the commonest cause is inflammation of the prostate gland.
The severity, speed and circumstances of onset, together with the site and the accompanying symptoms will usually indicate whether the cause of abdominal pain is minor or serious.
One should consult a doctor if the pain
• is sudden and severe
• follows a blow or injury to the abdomen or back
• remains severe or gets worse over two hours
• is associated with vomiting especially of blood, fever or fainting
• occurs in a woman who is or may be pregnant, especially if it is accompanied by dizziness, fainting and or any abnormal bleeding from the vagina
• the pain is bad enough to interfere with sleep or normal daily activities
• bouts of pain are recurrent
• there have been previous attacks of similar pain due to peptic ulcer disease, gallstones, kidney stones or suspected appendicitis
• pain is persistent, even if not severe, in a child under 6 or an elderly person.
The causes of abdominal pain may be suspected from the patients description of its onset, nature, site, and other symptoms and signs. Investigations including blood tests, X-rays and ultrasound may be needed to confirm a tentative diagnosis.
Usually, GALL BLADDER pain is felt under the right ribs and may be constant or spasmodic.
PEPTIC ULCER DISEASE causes pain behind the lower end of breastbone.
APPENDICITIS pain starts around the navel and later settles in the lower right abdomen.
Pancreatic pain is felt deep in the upper abdomen.
Kidney pain is felt in the small of the back.
Pain from the uterus, tubes and ovaries is felt deep in the lower abdomen and pelvis, and may spread to the lower back or the inner side of the thighs.
A blocked ureter may cause spasmodic pain that spreads to the genitals or groin.
Acupuncture SUJOK, itself is a powerful medicine, which aids in strengthening the immune system and serves to prevent diseases, control pain and increase both the ability to function and the quality of peoples lives.  Acupuncture has been shown to promote the health and improve the body’s immune function. It has also helped many people who were not successfully treated through conventional western medicine.  Several conditions can be dramatically improved or remedied in full including such type of abdominal pains. The beauty of acupuncture is that each treatment is catered to the needs of an individual patient. The energy concept of treatment is only on the miniature form of hands or feets will be chosen for overall well being with the objective of increasing circulation of the blood and vital energy.  Acupuncture SUJOK methods, from the simplest to complex ones, are self-sufficient for coping with pain and obtaining a stable remission of even chronic abdominal pains.
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