The primary purposes of the senses of sight, hearing, smell and taste are to help us to avoid danger, to find food for survival and a partner for reproduction, and to communicate with others. And of course they contribute vastly to our enjoyment of life.
Sight : Light waves entering the eye through the pupil are focused by the lens on the light sensitive retina. Nerve impulses from the retina travel via the optic nerves to the brain, where they are analysed so that we can interpret what we see.  Tiny muscles in the iris (coloured part) of the eye control the size of the pupil, which enlarges in dim light and contracts in bright light. The iris and pupil are covered by the transparent cornea. The sclera white of the eye is covered in front by the conjunctival membranes which also lines the eyelids and is kept moist by secretions of the tear gland under the upper lid.  Even problems related to vision such as blurry vision, inability to distinguish colors,  conjunctivitis, dark circles, double vision, eyelashes, hypermetropia or farsightedness, functional problems, heaviness in the eyes or lacrimation, inflamed, swollen eyes, myopia etc. can effectively be cured.
Eyeball movements : Ocular muscles attached to the top, bottom and sides of the eyeball move it so that we can look in different directions without turning our heads.
Smell : The olfactory area, in the lining of the nasal cavity’s roof, consists of millions of specialised cells that are stimulated by substances in the air we breathe. The stimuli are relayed via the olfactory nerves and bulb to the brain where they are interpreted as smells. Or having smell sense burnt, fishy, musky, putrid, rancid, rotten or smell sense lost, sweet or even sweet smell with breath can also be rectified through energy concept of eight ki of SuJok.
The tongue and taste : The many different tastes we recognise are combinations of flavours – sweet or blandness, , salty, sour, hot or spicy, insipid, having no taste  and bitter – which are sensed by taste buds on different parts of the tongue.  Smell, touch and temperature contribute to perception of taste. Or even problems related to tongue such as bleeding tongue or cracked one, dryness of tongue, edematic or hoarseness, pale, purplish, red or spots on the tongue, trembling, any symptoms indicates some how there is a problem in related organs.
Hearing and balance : The outer ear funnels sound waves through the ear canal to the ear drum. Three tiny bones in the middle ear transmit drum vibrations to sensors in the coiled cochiea of the inner ear.  Stimuli are transmitted via the acoustic nerve to the brain, where they are interpreted as sounds.  Also in the inner ear are three fluid filled semicircular canals, lined with special cells that detect changes in the position of the hear.  The brain controls balance by analysing messages from these canals, plus information from the eyes, skin, joints and muscles. Even problems related to ear ache, hearing lost, inflammation in the ear, ear lobe dryness, suddenly lost hearing, noises in the ear, pus formation, tinnitus or vestibular problems etc.
SuJok Acupuncture, particularly energy concept – itself is a powerful medicine, which aids in strengthening the immune system and serves to prevent diseases, control pain and increase both the ability to function and the quality of peoples lives.  It has been shown to promote the health and improve the body’s immune function. It has also helped many people who were not successfully treated through conventional western medicine.  Several conditions can be dramatically improved or remedied in full including problems related to senses.
The beauty of the acupuncture SuJok is that each treatment is catered to the needs of an individual patients energy based. The treatment of energy concept is only on the miniature form of hands, chosen for the overall well being with the objective of increasing circulation of the blood and vital energy.
One must opt to have faster Total Effectiveness.
Write your smile comments or ask or visit personally ; <Dr.Dinesh Kapur>                                 
To your well being, smile life. Enjoy!


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  7. tash says:

    hi dr dinesh i would like you to write something about parkinson disease,as many people are suffering with this,and for the reason my own dad is the victim of this disease,as there is no cure for this disease,he is in medication from 6years but nothing has helped him.

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