The spine is a very complex structure that is never still, and it is involved in the slightest movement, including breathing. Our upright posture puts additional stress on the neck and the small of the back, which are the commonest sites of backache. Most people suffer from it at some time in their lives. The back pain may be sharp and sudden or an ache may develop gradually over several hours or during the night. There may b an obvious cause such as an injury, unaccustomed activity, strain during strenuous movement such as lifting, digging, twisting the trunk or jolting from travelling over rough roads. But back pain can begin after what seems to be a trivial twist or stretch or it may bear no relation to any particular activity. Pain and stiffness are usually confined to one region of the back.
The backaches that affect otherwise well people are the result of minor strains or injures to the joints between the vertebrae and their surrounding ligaments and muscles. The main source of pain and stiffness is the protective spasm of muscles around the injured part. When back pain is the result of a minor strain, it can overcome very effectively in a short span of time. This type of backache is seldom a symptom of serious disease but is a warning that care must be taken to protect the back from further injury and thus prevent chronic pain and disability. The treatment for acute symptoms of uncomplicated back strain consists of rest. If one feels pain while on rest or if it is severe enough to restrict most activities or there is no improvement in a week’s time, it needs more investigation. Chronic back pain associated with other symptoms such as fever should always be investigated as it may be a sign of disease of the vertebrae or spinal joints and occasionally may be caused by disorders of the abdominal or pelvic organs particularly the kidneys and reproductive organs.
Spinal nerves have motor fibers and sensory fibers. The motor fibers innervate certain muscles, while the sensory fibers innervate certain areas of skin. A skin area innervated by the sensory fibers of a single nerve root is known as a dermatome. A group of muscles primarily innervated by the motor fibers of a single nerve root is known as a myotome. Although slight variations do exist, dermatome and myotome patterns of distribution are relatively consistent from person to person.
Myotomes – Relationship between the spinal nerve & muscle
Dermatomes – Relationship between the spinal nerve & skin.
Each muscle in the body is supplied by a particular level or segment of the spinal cord and by its corresponding spinal nerve. The muscle, and its nerve make up a myotome.
One should follow the followings when driving long distances;
 • Travel slowly over rough roads.
 • Ensure that the vehicle has well padded seats, which will help reduce the amount of vibration being passed up the spine.
 • Support the lower back with a small cushion or lumbar roll.
 • Tilt the seat backwards to about 110 angel to reduce vertical pressure on the spine.
 • One should change the posture frequently to encourage circulation and prevent muscle tiredness.
 • Make sure that the distance from the seat to the foot pedals suits your legs.
 • Take heavy objects out of back pockets to reduce twisting forces on the lower spine.
 • Take care when getting in and out of vehicles. Sit sideways on the seat first then lift your legs in and rotate your body into the travelling position and do the opposite when getting out. Avoid sudden bending or twisting movements.
 • Reduce driving time. Frequent stops help. As often as possible get out, stretch your back and walk around a little.
 • Exercise regularly to help strengthen lower back muscles.
 • Invest in power steering which reduces strain on the lower back.
 Common sites of back pain;
-Pain in the neck may be caused by osteoarthritis of neck joint, injuries such as whiplash or neck muscle tension.
 -Pain and tenderness around shoulder blade is a feature of fibromyalgia syndrome.
 -Upper back pain is common in osteoporosis and may also occur in spinal osteoarthritis.
 -Pain in the small of the back may indicate kidney disease such as pyelonephritis.
 -Lower back pain and stiffness may be caused by muscle, joint, ligament or disc injury.
 -Pain and tenderness at the tail end of the spine can result from injury to the coccyx from falling onto the buttocks.
 -Sciatica, caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve is pain in the buttock that spreads down the back of the leg to the foot.
 Reducing back strain;
-When lifting heavy objects, keep your back straight and  bend your knees. Do not stoop, if the object is too heavy, ask someone to help.
 -At the desk, keep your back straight and rest both feet on the floor. A well designed office chair provides good back support.
 -Your load should be equally distributed if possible when you are carrying bags.
SPINE is a two way conducting system, because it consists both descending(send motor impulses from brain to peripheral nervous); and ascending (transmit sensor impulses from sense organs and body receptor into brain) nervous tracts. The spinal cord, being the central part of the bone system, is controlled by the branch Hotness energy of the basic Coldness energy. Tonification of subbranch Heat in branch Hotness of the basic UM-Coldness energy has a positive effect on the spinal column in general. For local problems of a particular part of the spinal column a sub-subbranch treatment is to be chosen. With energy concept of SuJok ACUPUNCTURE one can get effective positive results in a few initial sessions, and course of treatment is only on the hands in miniature form of the body.  Pain Management using ACUPUNCTURE provides excellent treatment for acute or chronic pain. Acupuncture releases endorphins[our body’s own pain-killers] from the anterior pituitary gland and stimulates immune response.  It reduces inflammation and increase blood circulation. Patients who had taken analgesics before acupuncture therapy were able to either discontinue them completely, or reduce their doses dramatically.  If you have experienced trauma and pain from an accident, it also supports the use of acupuncture for after-treatment of accident patients. Acupuncture presents a valuable therapeutic option – resulting in reduced pain, decreased edema, and increased range of motion and reduction of long standing complaints following accidents.  The course of treatment is definitely uneventful. ONE MUST OPT for it, as there is no side effect at all and care and cure effect is on miniature form of hands.
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  3. Rajender Ghansela says:

    I would like to thanks Dr. Dinesh Kappor who is providing treatment through SuJok Acupuncture, and showing tremendous results to patients of all age groups. The concept of treatment is ENERGY through natural way of healing.

    In my case Dr Kapoor helped me a lot to over come my spinal problem (neck pain).

  4. divkaran says:

    special thanks to dr.kapoor for treating babaji for his back pain we could nt have thought of a deep relation between back pain and gastric trouble . thanks alot for treatment as well as guidelines on healthy lifestyle.

  5. Prof S.P. Kakkarji, smile thanks for your valuable comments which will encourage others to opt for such therapy particularly SuJok Acupuncture.

  6. Kiran Kakkar w/o Prof. S.P.Kakkar says:

    Treatment of all the diseases by Acupuncture Methodology is quite wonderful. The treatment is done without any medicine or surgery and without pain.
    Mrs Kiran Kakkar was suffering from osteoporosis and back problem. She is under the treatment of Dr Dinesh Kapur and feeling much improvement . I also understand form my close friends who are also undergoing treatment of Dr Kapur for various diseases and bone problems, are very satisfied as they are also improving and recovering fast I extend my thanks and wish him all the best and name and fame in his profession. Prof S.P.Kakkar

  7. Sandhya says:

    I was diagnosed dorso lumbar spinal problem with disc degeneration changes in L4-5, with compression of nerve root, which practically for me to difficult my daily routine work, besides unbearable pain, which I was suffering for the last more then 10 months and on pain killers. Even doctors advised me to get operated.
    BUT thanks to Dr.Dinesh Kapurs Sujok acupuncture which was done only on the hands that too without recomending any time any medicine, I could start getting results in a short few sessions. Ultimately, I have no requirement of any medicine, and of course no operation required. Without this, it is posible to have my life to the normal. Besides, other problems like gyne, and feeling of coldness and sometimes heat in my teeths also got cure.
    Thanks doctor Dineshji.

  8. Krishna says:

    Thanks to Dr.Dinesh who is practising through SuJok Acupuncture, and providing tremendous results to patients of all problems as seen in clinic. In my case it has helped a lot to over come my spinal problem in a initiall few sessions.
    God bless! Krishna

  9. saakshi Jain says:

    I want to loss my weight. Dr. Please tell me mox. point of loss weight. My age is 33 yrs.
    Saakshi Jain

  10. Pavani NVS says:

    I am a kidney patient and been under medications for many years now and due to the heavy medications and steroids increased weight.Due to this I sometimes have back pain.
    Dr. Dinesh has helped me come through this back ache problem with the help of medicine-less treatment ,through needles.
    Want to say special thanks to him for extending such a wonderful therapy to every one .

  11. Amarjeet Punihani says:

    I Managing Director of Punihani International, Delhi, India having involvement in leather exports all over the world. While on the tour, I suddenly got a spinal problem which creates difficult for me to flex or bend the spin, subsequently the pain radiate to the lower extremities and went for western medicine but of no avail.
    THEN, I came to know about Dr.Dinesh Kapur who is practising in acupuncture sujok, a drugless treatment through which all the symptoms gone without any medication. I was surprised to see the efficacy of Dr Dinesh and incredible knowledge about energy concepts.

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