Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gingiva (gums), characterised by redness, swelling, bleeding  easily when brushed or prodded, tenderness and usually bad breath. Swelling deepens the crevice between gums and teeth, where pockets containing pus may develop to cause a condition called pyorrhoea. Gingivitis is common and may be acute, chronic or recurrent.
 The most frequent single cause of gingivitis is poor dental hygiene with a build-up of dental plaque around the base of the teeth. Other localised causes include tartar, calcified plaque, food traps between teeth and ill-fitting dental plates, caps or crowns. The gum inflammation that often develops during puberty or pregnancy is thought to be aggravated by hormonal factors. Gingivitis may also be a symptom of general illness for example in Diabetes mellitus and leukaemia and malnutrition especially in scurvy and pellagra Vitamin B3 deficiency.
 Gingivitis is treated by control of plaque and correction of any other local or general conditions that contribute to the disorder.  Good dental hygiene with regular tooth brushing and use of dental floss will prevent most gingivitis. Acute ulcerative necrotizing gingivitis is a non contagious, painful, ulcerating infection of the gums also called trench mouth or Vincents disease. This can develop in heavy smokers or people suffering poor dental hygiene, nutritional deficiencies or physical or emotional stress.  The mouth has an extremely bad odour, and the victim may develop a fever. The plaque and calculus irritate the gums, causing them to become inflamed.  In time, the bone supporting the teeth may become inflamed.  The best way to prevent plaque from building up under the gum line is by flossing daily.  The gums can also become irritated by habitually breathing through the mouth, smoking or chewing tobacco, brushing improperly, or wearing ill-fitting dentures.  Irregularly positioned teeth can also irritate the gums. 
 Symptoms develop rapidly over a day or so and include very painful bleeding gums, foul breath, crater like ulcers covered with a grayish membrane particularly on the points of gums between the teeth and usually swollen glands around the jaws.  People who smoke or chew tobacco or drink excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages are exposing themselves to an increased risk of developing oral cancer.  Oral cancer may be painless and unnoticeable in its early stages.  The first symptom may be a small sore in the mouth that does not heal.
 Treatment is by the use of hydrogen peroxide mouthwashes to relieve the symptoms, followed by gentle removal of plaque by the dentist. Anti bacterial drugs may also be need.  Good nutrition is essential to recovery.
 According to energy concept of SuJok Acupuncture, gums inflammation in mainly because of nutritional deficiency, thrush is stomatitis caused by infection with fungus, also associated with the excessive emotional stress; Basic dominant energy is Stomach and sub branch energy of gums mucous membrane is excess of Dryness. One may easily overcome the symptoms of gums inflammation by controlling this energy.
 SuJok Acupuncture not only is effective as a primary modality, it also can play a vital role as an adjunct therapy due to how effective the meridian system is as a means of proper diagnosis. Because the meridians influence every cell in the body and pass through every organ and organ system, acupuncture provides health practitioners with an accurate and noninvasive means of determining health deficiencies, as well as a method of reestablishing balance.  It [acupuncture] provides maximum benefits without the dangerous side effects associated with many of the approaches of conventional medicine.
 While acupuncture represents a legacy of concepts that predate Western civilization, as a contemporary health care system it also represents a synthesis of continuously evolving scientific and technological developments which provides us with new tools to meet current clinical challenges. The treatment is undoubtedly Total Effectiveness.
 Contact local SuJok therapist and write smile comments ; ‘Dr.Dinesh Kapur’. 
 To your well-being,smile life. Enjoy!


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  1. smile Satya, though SUJOK’s energy concept says everything is possible even incurable disease. And I do also beleive in as a powerful tool to care and cure of all. Perhaps I did not do any thing like this but it is not a major issue too. If you are sujok practioner, there is a way which I may advice and you may follow the same. But if you are near by to the clinic you may prsonally visit, to have more authenticated response.

  2. Satya says:

    hello doctor

    I just wanted to know if the uneven teeth allignment can be treated using SUJOK Therapy.

    Please advice …


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