Natural Healing

• A novel concept of ENERGY treatment through the branch and LEAF of a plant is highly effective, non-invasive, simple and at the same time Total Effectiveness way of treatment irrespective of gravity of the disease.
 The problem may be of from normal cold to chronic pain syndrome, may be of spinalcoccxy to cervical-medula>, joints<knee, elbow, shoulder> or any other part of the body.
 Or even organic problem!
 May easily be overcome, having relief from the pain syndrome viewing from the first application of the treatment.
 Visit personally or call for viewing how effective is ENERGY concept through natural way of healing.
 Believe it, no positive results, nothing to shell out but at the same time, no side effects as treatment concept is through the natural healing process of LEAF!  The energy concept of treatment – Unique and unparalleled in the world, with no drugs.
 write smile views; ‘Dr.Dinesh Kapur’
 To your well being,smile life. Enjoy!


9 thoughts on “Natural Healing

  1. Bapu says:

    As did leaf concept by doctor Dinesh to different people having different ailments. It is amazing to see the results too quick that in some cases one can not imagine the positive results.
    We should thanks and are obliged to doctor Dinesh who did leaf therapy a process of natural healing concept that too without any medicine, any instruments, or any type of seeds, acupuncture needs. BUT with a small piece of leaf could work it out so effectively indeed is great.
    Thanks to doctor,Dinesh. mohamad

  2. Alka says:

    I have been suffering with cervical and all body joint pains from the last so many years and having treatment under different therapies. But after consulting many doctors, all in vain. I finally started consulting Dr. Dinesh Kapur from past one month and i have already started feeling better.

    Yesterday i had lot of discomfort in my knees and Dr. Dinesh gave me some treatment with palm leaves and i felt instant relief within few seconds. It is quite amazing! Thanks to doctor Dinesh.
    Thanks, Alka Gupta

  3. Dinker says:

    It is very amazing to see the quick effectiveness, as my big toe was having painful for the last so many years and during rainy, winter seasons it was quite diffcult to walk properly, besides to bear the unbearable pain.
    Thanks to doctor Dinesh who did miracelous through palm tree which itself is amazaing!

  4. Usha Gosain says:

    My acute pains in knees, back pain and migraine have been cured through the “green leaf healing theory” done by Dr. Dinesh kapoor. Now I have got complete relief from the said ailments. I, therefore, advise the patients suffering from cervical pain, knees ailments and migrane to conult and get cured these problems from Dr. Dinesh.

    Usha Gosain, Pocket E 110 C Dilshad Garden, Delhi
    tel. No. 9818604987

  5. Yash says:

    It is really awesome! It has given an instant overcome the problem from my plantar arch pain.
    regards to doctor Dinesh!

  6. tash says:

    it is really amazing to know,how easily one can overcome thier pain, i would like to learn this dr dinesh

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