HIS – CREATION,  is a fundamental force, which is inseparable, immutable, manifesting itself in all phenomena and factors whether physical world and  metaphysical world, of this world, a real world ‘not of zero world’. It provides a basis for organisation of both man’s physical body and his energy system. The fundamental order is of zero character, which means no change, fixed as fundamental, still everywhere, Enlightened!.
 The CREATION forces in order of Creation are (Atom. Electron. Proton and Neutron) and forces in Functional order are(Atom. Electron. Neutron and Proton).  What we do in our daily routine be it walking, taking food, speech, breathing, sight, diurnal activity of man are example of functional energy order.
 “HIS ~ CREATION”  –  The ATOM – lies in slumber in the zero world, In a state of bliss without a thought.  The PROTON – very close by, so peaceful and content, But thinks only of herself;  To stay in this place forever, Nothing changing. The ELECTRON – feels restless, cannot be still, longs to escape, stifled by the sameness. The ATOM casts a shadow into this world, The big bang causes disruption. At last, the ELECTRON sees the chance to be free Separated at last from the chains that bound, it makes a straight line away from the zero world. Running amok the energy process of Electron which is unfettered ; always Changes spaces, moving from one place to another. Expanding and producing but generates chaos. Not unlike Great Brahma the creator but Unbalanced and unruly, calling ‘don’t touch me’ . The PROTON is disturbed, she smells change, Is fearful all the time when she realises that the ELECTRON has left. I must go after him is her first thought And bring him back Electron to our home. The 2nd energy leaves the zero world resolute to return. Chasing after Electron, Proton is unrelenting Standing in his way, slows him down ‘Come home with now’, she is crying and cold. Resenting PROTON’s agony his anger erupts.
 Arrogant Electron struts disdainfully around, ‘I came to this world’ ELECTRON boastfully declares and Heartily laughing proclaims; ‘I am happier alone’. Contracted with pain, PROTON gathers herself Exuding  jealousy and hatred , calling ‘this is not my world’  Vows  to take humanity back to the zero. Like Shiva the destroyer her plan is set. From the Atom point, a spiralling force of love is born Initiating praise and celebration for the harmony within. Encompasses  the line and the plane to balance their excess Restoring health and happiness bringing SMILE to mankind’s lips. Wondrous  NEUTRON, reflection of the great spirit above
 The NEUTRO is harmoniously energetic, active, lively, mobile, quick respond to the events, comparatively easy to go through failures and troubles, easily  controlling his emotions. It is the most lively, realistic, practical force.  It is open for solution of any problems, overcomes them with a smile, effortlessly, does not take conflicts very much to heart, can smooth things over in due time. It is the force of compromise. It is a free force, effective and economical flexible and adaptive. It is able to adjust itself to any situations, has great flexibility for performance of its tasks. The Neutrino force is capable of long work without getting tired, it regulates and disciplines his work and does it in time. As a rule his work is always successful. It incorporates the elements of ATOM, ELECTRON and PROTON but it does not have their extreme manifestations.
 The energies of ATOM, ELECTRON, PROTON AND NEUTRON applies to the human being, it’s up to us which way H‘I’S to realise!  in a practical approach!
 Life Smile which is fundamental to all living creatures, involves in every life activity in an invisible manner. Where ever this life smile goes, actual smiles are created and they spread like waves after waves in entire mind, body and even soul. Life SMILE means pouring life force into mind smile, body smile and soul smile to activate them a live existences.
 write smile views ; originsmile.wordpress.com Dr.Dinesh kapur’
 To your well-being, smile life. Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “HIS – CREATION

  1. Mamta says:

    Dr kapoorji
    your explanation is wonderful blend of science and spirituality . I was once an electron but now a days I feel like an atom . But it is difficult to live life with pain . How to tackle this problem
    Mamta D.

  2. This is true Dr Kapur, and also brings us back around to the Vedas where we have amazing correlations with some of the most recent cutting edge developments and understandings in quantum mechanics, astronomy and physics. The HUP (Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle) for instance, is paralleled by the Vedic aphorism achintya abheda bheda tattva which helps us understand the relationship between the atma and the parmatma. In the same way we can know the location of an electron or proton but not its velocity, we can know that the individual soul and the Supreme Being are inconceivably simultaneously one and different.
    Sarvo Pama

  3. Jon G. says:

    The ‘doctor’ always knows best. Sorry to intrude. Dismiss what your heart tells you and just listen to the ‘professionals’.
    Jon G.

  4. Sarvo P. says:

    The Dr can probably give you some good advice about reassuring and comforting people by smilingly encouraging them even when they are facing ominous and fearful conditions. From my side of it I can tell you that even at the crematorium I’ve found that families can use the support of someone who is willing to offer a sympathetic smile and a firm hug or handshake.
    Sarvo P.

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