Prolonged Labour

Prolonged Labour ‘Malposition of Fetus’
Parturition lasting over twenty-four hours is defined as prolonged labour. It is often due to weak contraction and force less contraction of the womb, or narrow pelvic fetal and malposition of fetus.
It may be due to weak constitution with insufficient vital energy and blood, exhaustion through premature contraction, premature amenorrhea, and depletion of blood due to hemorrhage, all lead to prolonged labour. In understanding of childbirth, it says ‘Physical weakness and early exertion of force have exhausted the mother before the baby is delivered and thus the baby gets stuck. Another cause of energy may be of dryness of vagina brings about difficult delivery.
Main manifestations: Dull and paroxysmal labour pains with mild weighing and distending sensation or profuse hemorrhage in light colour, pale completion, lassitude, palpitation, shortness of breath, pale tongue, weak pulse.
Analysis: since both energy and blood are deficient and the puerperal is too weak to have uterus contraction, there are mild abdominal pain, mild heavy and distending sensation, and the delivery duration is prolonged. Energy deficiency leads to profuse hemorrhage in light colour, pale complexion, lassitude, palpitation and shortness of breath. Pale tongue and weak pulse are signs of deficiency of energy and blood.
It may also be possible due to fear or too much worry over forthcoming delivery retards energy and stagnates blood. Extreme leisure during gestation leads to impaired flow of energy and blood. Affection of external cold during delivery hinders the circulation of  energy and blood. All of them are causative factors of prolonged labour. Prolonged labour derives from various factors such as seeking comfort and ease and too much sleep, both of which lead to retarded flow of energy or from fright and worry over the oncoming labour..and obstruction of vagina by blood stasis from an injured uterus.
Main manifestations: Sharp pains in the waist and abdomen, scanty hemorrhage in dark red colour, prolonged delivery curse, dark bluish complexion, depressive mood, fullness in the chest and epigastric frequent nausea, dark tongue deep forceful pulse.
Analysis: The retarded circulation of energy and blood gives rise to the sharp pain in the waist and abdomen and prolonged course of delivery. The stagnated energy does not ascend as usual, bringing about the dark bluish complexion, fullness and distension in the chest and epigastrium and frequent nausea. The dark tongue, deep and forceful pulse indicate energy stagnation and blood stasis.
Acupuncture SuJok is a traditionally accomplished through insertion of very fine micro needles at the certain energy meridians, joints of affected organs, or energy flow therapy located in miniature form of hands and feet’s by adopting tonify wind. Thus,the treatment concept is effective at all the three levels – BODY, MIND, EMOTIONS and effective to promote health and alleviate pain and suffering even of labour pain problems.  The course of treatment is definitely uneventful. The practitioner is able to influence health and sickness by stimulating certain areas along these “meridians”.
 write; Dr.Dinesh kapur
 To your well-being,smile life. Enjoy!


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