Hair fall
Having problem, Head hair are supported by the essence of kidney, of liver and of blood plus the adrenal gland, too is responsible for the hair fall. One may get exceptionally positive effective results, in initial few sessions of acupuncture SuJok.
visit or write ; ‘Dr.Dinesh kapur’
To your well-being, smile life. Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “HAIR FALL

  1. nadhuri says:

    pl tell me hair fall and kneepain,backpain is curable with sujok points? How many sittings we have to take.and can we do it at home also after consulting u?

  2. Godz kid says:

    What is the cost of sessions for premature greying of hair treatment? Hair fall though present is not a major concern.

  3. Godz kid says:

    I went through your blog and thought to clarify my query. Can Sujok be used to treat grey hair? I have lots of gry hair and want to make sure if sujok can help in releiving the problem.
    Please suggest the cost of the treatment and the process.

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