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Prof Park, Jae Woo, a Korean scientist is the originator of SuJok and Onnuri Medicine, an exceptional discovery, who after many years of careful observation and clinical experiences developed a new system of therapy using only the hands and feet to effect the same results as body acupuncture. He found a complete correspondence system representing the whole body, on the hands and the feet. In Korean, Su means “Hand,” and Jok means “Feet.”
The advantage of this system is its simplicity, safety and efficiency. It is easy to learn, and the speed of response is often dramatic. It employs no forbidden or dangerous points, and is therefore suitable for use by paramedics and laypersons for self-treatment.
In addition to serving their normal function as appendages of the four limbs, the hands and feet themselves represent a small mirror image of the human.
Onnuri means the whole world and all encouraging Onnuri medicine encompasses, SuJok Acupuncture, Onnuri Auricular therapy (done in External Ear), Scalp therapy links (both upper & lower limbs). Apart from the original oriental principles newer principles like Six ki theory, Eight origin principles, Spiral energy, Chakra therapy and Diamond Structure principle, Triorigin M particle theory principle and triorigin Sequence theory etc.

Treatment through ACUPUNCTURE SuJok includes ; Twist therapy, Meditation-Smile, Energy, Onnuri Medicine, is one such treatment, which is effective at all the three levels – •BODY •MIND •EMOTIONS.
With No medicine or Drugs.
High effect ; when applied properly, an evident effect is often felt within a few minutes some time even seconds.
Totally safe uses ; this system of cure is not man-made. Man has discovered it but its origins are in nature. That is why the system is powerful and safe. Stimulation of correspondence point brings about a cure. It never harms, just produces no effects if applied improperly.
A universal method ; it can be use to treat at any part of once body, any organs and any joints.
High effect – on pricking 1mm small micro tiny needles on hand to adjust the energy system of body or with small magnets similar to pulse size to put on fingers only.
EFFECTIVE ; not only by the treatment of the common illnesses, which  ‘chase’  us in our daily life but also with cases difficult to cure even by the modern medicine – including some cancer diseases. Often the curing effect is immediate and proves itself by the very first procedure in most of the cases.
Wide Spectrum ; Su Jok therapy can cure almost every disease. With the help of this therapy every organ, every single part of the body can be cured.

CURE effect
Nervous system disorders ~ Amnesia, Bells palsy, Bulbar palsy, Encephalitis, Epilepsy, Headaches,  Insomnia, Logo neurosis, Migraine, Neurotic Depressive disorder, Parkinson’s, Spastic paralysis, Stammering,
Trigeminal neuralgia, Vertigo, Hydrocephalus, Neuropraxia, Sclerosis.
and Disorders of the autonomic nervous system ~ such as Heart beat, Blood pressure, Digestive activity.
Diseases of Soft tissues, Muscles, Bones and Joints ~ Arthritis, Spinal – low back ache, prolapsed disc, with or without sciatica, Cervical, Spondylosis, Frozen shoulder, Osteoarthritis of knee, hip joints, Cramps in calf muscles, Deformation, Degeneration.
Respiratory disorders ~ Asthma, Bronchitis, Common cold, Cough, Laryngitis, Pertussis, Pharyngitis, Rhinitis allergic – blocked nose, expistaxis, Sinusitis.
Cardiovascular disorders ~ Pain, Shock and collapse, Palpitation, Nausea,vomiting,hiccough,abdominal distension, Restlessness, Dyspnea, Hypo-Hyper tension, Angina pectorals.
Gastrointestinal disorders ~ Stomatitis, Toothache, Dysphagia, Hernia, Hiccup, Gastritis, Nausea, Vomiting, Dyspepsia, Flatulence, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Intestinal colic, Constipation, Haemorrhoids.
Hepatic, Pancreatic disorders ~ Hepatitis, Fibrosis of Liver, Pancreatitis, Splenomegaly.
Digestive – Acidity, Loss of Appetite, Jaundice, Liver Enlargement.
Genitourinary disorders ~ Pyelitis, Nephritis, Hematuria, Renal colic, Cystitis, Retention of urine, Enuresis, Nocturnal enuresis.
Gynecological disorders ~ Amenorrhea, Irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, Uterine bleeding, Fibroid,  Leucorrhoea, Pelvic inflammations, Uterus prolapse, Hyperemesis, Lactation deficiency, Mastitis, Cyst, Sterility.
Reproductive male organs – Enlarge Prostrate, Testis, Ejaculation.
Nervous system ~ Epilepsy, Parkinson’s, Spastic paralysis, Headaches, Insomnia, Vertigo, Encephalitis, Bells palsy.
Skin disorders ~ Non-healing wounds, Ulcers of the skin, Furunculosis, Acne, Urticaria, Lymphangitis, Erysipelas, Herpes zoster, Dermatitis, Vitiligo, Psoriasis.
Ear disorders ~ Deafness, Tinnitus, Ear ache, Meniere’s disease, Vertigo, Travel sickness.
Eye disorders ~ Conjunctivitis, Thermal burns of the eye, Stye, Myopia, Hypermetropia, Lacrimation, Itchy & Aching, Sclera, Optic nerve atrophy, Ophthalmoplegia.
Endocrine disorders ~ Sub-fertility, Masculinization symptoms in women, Goitre, Hormonal imbalance.
Diabetes mellitus.
Thyroid – Hyper or Hypo. PTH.
Psychiatric disorders ~ Hysteria. Schizophrenia, Mental depression, Addictions – food,drugs,alcohol,smoking.
Disorders of children ~ Infantile convulsions, febrile fits, Epilepsy, Behaviour disorders, Nocturnal enuresis.
• HEAT stroke. WIND stroke. HEADACHES – frontal,temporal,parietal,vertical,occipital. SYNCOPE.
Chronic KIDNEY disease.
• or problems related to Oncological, Ulcers.
• Even sure Weight Loss or Height Gain.
• or Rejuvenate the cells
• or even Bacterial, Transmitted or febrile diseases.
In Su Jok therapy based on fundamental laws systemic knowledge is used that was accumulated by Chinese, Indian and Western medicine. Su Jok therapeutic methods include treatment through correspondence systems, byol-meridians, Six energies treatment at the level of meridians and chakras, biorhythmic acupuncture, correction of emotional and mental states. This allows to effectively cope with severe diseases in a short time, including the chronic invalidating forms. The purpose of this work was to determine the effectiveness of  different approaches offered by Onnuri for treating acute/chronic forms of problems.
The SuJok method is a natural way of treatment, and the process of normalisation of the patient’s state, beginning during treatment, goes on after the active intervention stopped.
The most effective and fast-acting in treatment of any ailment is SuJok’s Energies therapy, including Triorigin
& Spiral energy in the structure of meridians,after preliminary correction of the emotional sphere, in combination
with biorhythmic SuJok acupuncture and basic treatments.
Not only is acupuncture effective as a primary modality, it also play a vital role as an adjunctive therapy due
to how effective the meridian system is as a means of proper diagnosis. Because the meridians influence
every cell in the body and pass through every organ and the organ system, acupuncture provides health
practitioners with an accurate and noninvasive means of determining health deficiencies, as well as a method
of reestablishing balance.
As ENERGY  may go up-to any extent, and at any level, because of this it is possible to give CURE effect irrespective of  level of disease.
To your well being, smile life. Enjoy yourself!

Awards :
• Patriotic Citizen Award by Shiv Sushil Bindal Charitable Trust, Delhi on March 6’ 2005.
• Patriotic Citizen Award by Shiv Sushil Bindal Charitable Trust, Delhi on Sept 19’ 2004.
• International Gold Medal Award presented by Royal Society of Medicos at WORLD AIDS DAY on Dec 1’2002
• Certificate of Appreciation during 28th All India Nature Cure & Yog Conference(6th – 8th Nov’01), New Delhi by Nature Cure Society,      Delhi on November 8’ 2001.
• Certificate of Participation from Mahavir International on dates June 24 to July 01’ 2001.
• Participation certificate Acupressure> by Indian Academy of Acupressure Science on May 15’ 2000.

Faculty Member :
• International SuJok Acupuncture Association, Korea
• IAAS affiliated to The Open International University, Sri Lanka

Consultation   :
Sri Hanuman Balaji Mandir
Vivek Vihar Phase-I, Delhi. India
Timmings   :
Mor : 9.00 am to 1.00 pm  <Off : Thursday>
Eve  : 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm  <Mon.Wed.Fri.>


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  1. WORKING environment is charitable, not professional. If expecting results may visit but if looking for hospitality environment, I feel there is no space.

  2. Dear Sir,
    I have checked the details of your hospital in your web site.I would like to visit your hospital but prior to that I would like to tell you about my 5 years old baby for whom I am seeking the treatment.

    He is a premature baby (i.e. unable to carry out the primary activities that a child of the same age does).Also vision is blurred due to ROP.
    Regarding the above mentioned problems, if any treatment is available in your hospital, please reply so that I can plan to visit your hospital.
    Hoping for a favourable reply.

    With best regards,
    Suresh Kumar
    Mob. no. +91 9873435035


    Could you please give the details of doctors in hyderabad who can cure SKIN PROBLEM (LICHEN PLANUS PIGMENTATION) ,PARALYSIS, ARTHIRITIS . Please reply to my email id.

  4. harika says:

    pls do reply to my mail sir is it possible me to grow few more cms of height atleast, im 24f …i heard accupuncture is only natural remedy after puberty

  5. nidhi says:

    Sir, we would like to get your consultation. my uncle is suffering from chronic kidney disease..his creatinine is 6 now! Kindly share your contact number and address please. Thank you.

  6. Shreya Tiwari says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am a student on 11th grade and I have decided to do a project that is more of a case study on “Sujok Acupuncture” for which your guidance will help a lot. Last year I took up “Sujok Acupressure” and I am familiar with it. I have chosen this topic as this therapy has alot of capability of curing people from all their problems. But most of the people are not so aware about it. Our school will be holding an exhibition as well as a competition which will help in increasing awareness. I would like your guidance as a mentor.
    Hoping for a positive feedback.

  7. Krishna Kumar says:

    I have been a beneficiary of Dr. Dinesh Kapur’s expertise in Korean Palm Therapy (KPT) which he practices with ease and dedication. Many of my chronic diseases, like blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetics etc., have been fully cured by him. Initially, I was not much impressed about the KPT and wondered as to how cure of such diseases can be achieved by putting some needles on the palm. I have been told that there are 345 acupuncture points on our hands, which are directly connected to various internal organs of our body. These acupuncture points may be stimulated by using needles, magnets etc., which, in turn, can correct the physiological functions of the entire body. Dr. Dinesh has made wonders in curing several ailments through his novel method of acupuncture.
    Recently, one of my friends was suffering from erectile dysfunction (also known as impotence). He is in his mid forties and re-married recently, after his first wife had expired. He could not perform sexual intercourse without Sildenafil Citrate (Viagra) which was prescribed by Doctors.. Since he was suffering from the adverse side effects of the continuous use of this drug, he was referred to Dr. Dinesh, who had agreed to cure him.
    He was treated by Dr. Dinesh for six weeks and surprisingly, his sexual ability had improved . After that, he discontinued use of Sildenafil. Then the treatment continued for another six weeks on a weekly basis. Thus, within 3 months he was completely cured of his problem of erectile dysfunction. Now he is able to perform sexual activity without use of any drug.
    This has prompted me to study more about the treatment. Acupressure/acupuncture helps resolve erectile dysfunction by balancing the autonomic nervous system, which governs, heart rate, respiration and digestion. This system can also cause a decrease in libido and erectile dysfunction if it becomes imbalanced. In his book “Essentials of Chinese Medicine”, Zhanwen Liu of Beijing University states the erectile dysfunction indicates that your Kidney qi (vital energy) is depleted. Normally our body draws qi from the environment and transfer it to the Kidneys ,which converts the energy so that the rest of our internal organs can use it. Chinese believe that for men, ejaculation constitutes a loss of Kidney qi…… So, forcing an erection through the use of anti-impotence drugs can further dissipate Kidney qi and make erectile dysfunction worse over time.
    There may be disagreement on the causes of erectile dysfunction and its cure. But I recommend all those who have problems of erectile dysfunction to undergo the safe and quick method of acupressure/acupuncture, which may be beneficial in the long run……

  8. 500e3e says:

    Dear Dr Dinesh,

    I would like to thank you for all your previous answers.
    I must say that your advices helped me a lot and I am still using the color therapy.

    I am at the last stage of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). Tomorrow, I am scheduled for follicular puncture. In the clique I will have the puncture, it is performed without local or full anesthesia. I do not know the reason why they do not use any anesthesia. I have read that follicular puncture can be pretty painful.

    I would like to ask, if you can recommend me a way to reduce the pain naturally in any way during this intervention. Are there any points on my body that I can press to neutralize or even make the pain less intensive?

    Thank you in advance,
    Kind regards,

  9. rekha says:

    Dear sir,
    My husband is suffering from Sclerosis cholangitis. Do you have any treatment for this?

  10. sanjeev says:

    To Dr. Dinesh,

    Sir, i am very pleased to inform you that as you have told me after 10 sitting i will get relief in my skin psoriasis disease and i noticed just after 10 sitting i get the relief. last 7-8 year i was suffering from this disease, i have visited so many hospitals in mumbai, kolkata, delhi etc but i never get such type of relief. even due to this disease i was in depression and most of the time i used to be irritated and lots of headache. but now i am in much better condition and i am having full confidence that i will get complete relief from this bloody disease. dear sir i want to say thank you very much to you & god bless you and your family.

    best regards
    sanjeev kumar

  11. Octavio Mandala says:

    I simply want to mention I am just all new to blogs and seriously liked you’re web-site. Most likely I’m want to bookmark your blog post . You surely have fabulous articles and reviews. Many thanks for sharing your webpage.

  12. Malvika Sharma says:

    Respected Dr. Kapoor
    I’m 17 years old n i’m very short heighted(4 ft 5 inches). will acupuncture help me?
    Malvika Sharma

  13. Quincy Clavijo says:

    Here are some distinct exercises to steer clear of in the event you are having lower back discomfort: straight leg sit-ups, bent leg sit-ups or partial sit-ups (curl-ups) lifting both legs whilst lying on your back (leg lifts), lifting heavy weights above the waist (standing military press or bicep curls), and toe touches even though standing.

  14. Loyd Bench says:

    Chronic back discomfort could be varied sensations that will be stabbing, dull, throbbing, pulsating to shock-like, to mention a couple of. In fact, chronic back discomfort can originate not merely from the muscles or bones, but from the nerves, blood vessels and organs at the same time. Acute and chronic back discomfort can take on distinct pathways of the nervous program in the body.

  15. Ellis Cauthron says:

    I simply want to tell you that I’m beginner to blogs and really savored this web site. Most likely I’m going to bookmark your site . You definitely have beneficial article content. With thanks for revealing your webpage.

  16. Farida says:

    Dear Sir,
    It is very encouraging to read this site .
    Kindly suggest sujok accupressure remedies for Tyroid.My husband has Thyroid and BP problem and his knees hurts when he climbs stairs.Let me know the remedies with colors,food and accupressure.Thanks

  17. About Blogging to the BAnk says:

    Can I just say what a relief to discover someone who really knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You really know how to bring an difficulty to light and make it important. More people have to read this and understand this side on the story. I cant believe youre not far more well-liked due to the fact you genuinely have the gift.

  18. ED says:

    Every time I read a really great article I go ahead and do some things:1.Share it with my relevant it in all my favorite social sharing sites.3.Be sure to come back to the website where I first read the article.After reading this post I am really concidering doing all three!

  19. shahnawaz qadir says:

    sir, i suffered loss of appetite from two years . sir is any sujok point that curing my diseases .
    shahnawaz qadir

  20. Rusty W says:

    Yes, Dr. Dinesh…you have escaped the world of dualism! You truly experience your oneness and you have dropped the lables to which the ego clings! I am so happy to read your words for they express something so dear to my heart!

  21. Anin says:

    I’m surfing internet for Heart attack information till I found your website. Thanks for the information.

  22. Mahesh chand says:

    Please recall my telephonic call off date. My problem is that sole of my both legs have
    – Burning sensation
    – Heaviness gradually traveling towards calf muscle
    – While walking sensation of something pricking
    – MR findings are suggestive of multilevel disco vertebral
    degenerative disease, moderate posterior disc bulge at L5-S1 and L4-5 levels and bilateral facet arthropathy at L4-5 level causing secondary spinal stenosis.
    – Est.Heel BMD (gm/cm -2.9)
    Advice by E-mail,
    Mahesh Chand, Dehradun

  23. Supreet kohli says:

    I`m lipsy i got ur referal from babaji residing in pachim vihar
    as i`m very much overweight they told me to consult u & see if u could help.
    i stay in USA so i don`t know how it works long distance
    i was under weight as a child but during my puberty started gaining weight & eventually became overweight did everything possible curls & curve personal point aerobics gyming crash diets & lost almost 30 kgs but after marriage i conceived within 3 months & started gaining weight again and reached the same weight again around 105 kg but thankfully after the delivery i lost10kgs when came from hospital after 5 days i had a c section so was not on oily food at all did`nt even had all that oily post pergnancy stuff but after 5 to 6 months i started gaining more weight & inches too as if someone is pumping a ballon got so many tests done even a brain test consulted an endocronologist & at that time i was gaining 4 to 5 kgs every 10 days & that was very alarming & depressing & the doctor gave me some medicine so at least i did`nt gained weight further but to reduce further i have to start steroids & that doc. only did`nt recomend as i was nursing & the baby was just 6 months old he told me that i`m having hormonal imbalance
    since then i exercise off & on lose little & gain again it`s a vicious circle but for almost 4 years my weight remain the same when i was in india but when i came to USA after 8 to 9 months i gained 25 lbs & that shook me as i have no capacity to gain more weight than i consulted a barriatric doctor here and started diet plan under her & lost almost 25lbs but than i hurt my foot & couldn`t exersice for months within a year gained that lost 25 lbs even though i`m on the same diet plan i`m not losing any more weight nor i can walk too much because the foot of mine still hurts but do cycling & twice a week weight training exersice to strenghten the muscle but still not losing weight at all
    don`t know what to do !!!!!! NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
    as i believe too much in BABAJI and his teachings & he is been heeled with ur treatment with their recommendation i want to consult u with the faith to get well soon
    please let me know if u could help waiting for ur reply

  24. Varun says:

    Indeed, practically it is possible to increase HEIGHT through Sujok Acupuncture, as I personally seen in my case, after taking sessions from Dr.Dinesh Kapur.
    It works out effectively as I could gain 2.3″ through SuJok concept. Thanks to Dr.Dinesh

  25. smile Tash
    Unbeleivable your positive feedback! There is no doubt that SuJok Acupuncture works effectively from a normal cold to chronic cancer, provided practionre understood the concept of treatment in depth.
    Enjoy yourlife! Dr.Dinesh

  26. tash says:

    I have searched for the best healing methods and I have found SUJOK [Therapy] to be one of the best, and most effective method available. It is easy to learn, safe, it works really well.SUJOK acupuncture is a very effective acupuncture method that will help many patients get better more effectively, more quickly and more consistently. I feel that a acupuncturist or a acupuncture studying student it is a must to learn SUJOK acupuncture. it will help many patients. SUJOK acupuncture is worth your every rupee.
    Through online surfing we got to know dr dinesh,so we had contacted him,and told about the problems my husband was suffering with,then we decided to meet dr dinesh personally,as we live in Abudhabi,we personally went to delhi met Dr dinesh,he taught us the cocept,made us understand wht is sujok therapy,he taught about the meredian,it is really amazing with small needles we can heal diseases which modern medicene fail.Me& my husband took some treatment from dr dinesh it really helped us with our problem.Dr dinesh has taught me how to use neelde for various diseases.Dr dinesh has huge amount of knowledge and really taught us in a very understnding way.
    People suffering with any chronic or acute ailment should give a try for sujok therapy,then they will know how useful it is,i had seen in balaji temple,people with kidney failure,diabetic,etc are benifited from this treatment,

    i would like to thank Dr dinesh for his effort in teaching us and helping us out,He is really kind and polite person.
    thank you

  27. smile Md.Akram Bapu
    Thanks a lot for your valuable comments and feedback which will certainly help others to opt for the care and cure effects through SuJok Acupuncture and Color Acupuncture.
    Enjoy life! Dr.Dinesh

  28. Mohammed says:

    I am suffering from Uric Acid, Triglyceride, Sugar, Back pain and Hearing loss in one of the ear. My wife and I came to know about Dr. Dinesh Kapur through his Blog and after the initial communication with Dr. we decided to visit Dr. to try out the alternative therapy “SuJok-Accupancture”. Since we are leaving abroad my wife decided to learn this therapy so that she can treat me for my existing problems. We met Dr. Dinesh in Delhi and he started to treat me and teach my wife. We sincerely appreciate Dr. Dinesh’s dedication in treatment and teaching. He is very well versed and expertise in “Sujok-Accupanture” concept and the knowledge he has got on this is unexceptional. I was feeling better while Dr. was treating me and currently my wife is treating me with the Dr. Dinesh Kapur’s guidance. One thing I would like to share with all the people that, this therapy needs a clear mindset from the patient and he should mentally accept the treatment. My wife has learned about Acupuncture, Color Therapy, Seed Therapy and Moksa from Dr. Dinesh. During his treatment and teaching we found he is very nice, helpful and polite person and heartiest thanks to Dr. Dinesh. God bless him.
    Md.Akram Bapu, Abu Dabi

  29. Chirag, If you know SuJok, you should not ask the remedy. Emphasise of your own as you can do upto needling level.
    But immediately you may give moxibustion on swadhisthan chakra, triorigin spinal joint, wrap white pepper on Yang side of the spinal joint in miniature form of hands. Keep in triorigin joint and in insect correspondence point of spinal cord with orange color permanent marker pen.
    Also put needle like Neutro surture in correspondence point where the T6 vertebrae located in hands.
    Apply and leave your feedback.

  30. Chirag says:

    I am Chirag Bhagat from Ahmedabad. I am 30 yr now. I really need your help. I read and come to know many things about sujok therapy. It giving miracle result, and for that i need a help.

    In august 2007, i met an accident and have spinal cord injury (T6). And So below this level, there is no any movement and sensation. No bladder and bowel control. I can not go outside for treatment. I can only to do things whatever can do by myself. I know that Sujok can help me.

    I like if you guide me. I am ready for using needle treatment also. Please guide me

  31. smile fatema
    You did not mention wheather you are aware of SuJok concepts are not.
    However, if posible for you to visit personally over here you may get results in a short span of initial four sessions.
    But you may put dots with permanent marker pen as per the color marked on fingers of left hand. Besides this, there is a point on the palm with red color, initially put with the same color point and press with the tip of your right hand thumb, means pull-push with the thumb.
    Hope you will undersatnd the concept.
    If you feel bettter and positive results, leave a remark.

  32. fatema kapacee says:

    Hello Dr. Dinesh hope you doing well..i read about you in facebook..was searching about sujok therapy and came across your name…am really desperate i have been suffering from chronic bronchial asthma since long time ago…i used to get attacks twice or thrice in a year…the symptoms would be too much of coughing and severe cold…or sometimes would have mild attacks after having shower in the afternoon….but the asthma got worse and chronic in my 7th month of pregnancy it started with chronic non stop cough, severe cold, had difficulty in breathing but the doctors couldnt diagnise that its asthma until i got a life threathening attack on 3rd june 2009…the attack came suddenly felt choking and suffocated within few minutes i was unconscious and my fingers and lips turned blue…since then the wheezing and attack are often and wheezing its recurring everday…even slightest scent triggers the asthma…have been given so many drugs like steroids, different types of preventive and reliever inhalers, antibiotics, use nebuliser often and also have been given intravenous injection so many times…but nothing is helping the asthma doesnt stabilise…its reccuring over and over again…my life has become miserable….and have become depressed please help me could you please show me the sujok points which are the ones to press to cure bronchial asthma… my name is Fatema and i live in Tanzania, East Africa…please doctor you are the last hope for me…please help…would be eagerly waiting for your response

    Thank you

  33. smile thanks Ajay, indeed such positive effective comments will help others to opt for alternative therapies particularly SuJok Acupuncture and may overcome even in case of incurable diseases.
    Enjoy life!

  34. AJAY JASRA says:

    Dr Dinesh Kapur is a great un sung hero of Indian medical world… I have referred N-numbers of patients to him, except in one case when the patient was on death bed, everyone thanked me to guide them to him.

    In fact when he told me that some of cured patients did n’t even pay a penny to him amazes me more. When we have a health problem we are ready to dole out our purse to any alopathic practioner. But to alternate medicine practitioner we expect a free service, why?


  35. Saurabh Puri says:

    Hi,I am saurabh Puri, i have been under treatment of dr dinesh kapur .
    i am suffering from Asthma problem from the last 14 years,Due to this i have face lot of problems but since the treatment i feel much better now ,Infact now i started running also which is big achievement in my life.Although it’s initial period of my treatment but the treatment is given by Dr Dinesh Kapur .it really me feel much better and the specially moxa and corresponding points given by dr kapur recommended gave me instant energy in the body.

    dr kapur give me some instructions that to avoid certain foods which helps in my curing.

    its a no side effect treatment .

    thanks to dr dinesh kapur for the treatment and his support even online
    Saurabh Puri

  36. Jayalaxmi NV says:

    There are times when a person feels very uneasy and doesnot understand why it is so and same happened with me few days back. When I consulted Dr. Dinesh he told me it is because it is of immense heat released in the body which makes it miserable and person feels very uneasy.He told me that it was because of the heat produced by the medicines and also few bad food habits.Had I gone to other doctor for it they would have given me few more medicines,but Dr. Dinesh cured it through his miracalous treatment of SUJOK,within 3-4 sittings.
    Thanks Dr. Dinesh for all the support and best treatment you are providing to me and my family and also I would like to say thanks for providing such a great Social service to every one .


  37. Dr.Tripti Agarwal says:

    Sujok therapy has really provided me tremendous relief from the perennial problem of sinusitis and allergy. I really fel much better now. Thanks to Dr.Dinesh for novel concept of acupuncture.
    011-22376360, Surya Niketan

  38. Piyush Jain says:

    hi this is piyush, i have been under treatment of dr dinesh kapur .
    i am suffering from liver problem causing other more problems too but since the treatment i witnessed change of my urine colour from dark to light which is a parameter to judge your liver function being better from earlier.
    it also helped me bit to correct my sleep pattern
    the moxa and corresponding points dr kapur recommended gave me instant energy in the body .
    dr kapur also asked me to follow specific friuts and avoid certain foods which help in my curing.
    its a no side effect treatment .
    thanks to dr dinesh kapur for the treatment and his support even online

  39. Krishna Nair says:

    krishna nairwrote:
    I have taken treatment from Dr. Dinesh Kapoor through his novel method of acupuncture and found instant relief to my ailments from the day one. I was suffering from constipation, high blood pressure, cholestrol and overweight. The treatment given by Dr. Kapoor had brought my ailments under control and I became normal within a month from starting the regular treatment. Unlike the painful and conventional acupuncture treatment, the system of Hand Therapy treatment offered by Dr. Kapoor, using special needles, magnets etc. , is painless, convenient and easy for everyone. I recommend this system of treatment under Dr.Kapoor for people suffering from chronic illness. K.R.Nair (mob.9891095346)

  40. Amit Talwar says:

    Dr .Dinesh Kapoor’s treatment was a life changing experience for me.

    Sujok is a wonderful therapy and helps cure many problems both which are deep rooted and otherwise.Dr. Dinesh performas this treatment wonderfully and delicately without making you feel that he is a doctor.

    I was extermely satisfied with his treatment as it worked wonders for my nasal problem and fatigue problem.He brought a new energy in my life which gave me a boost to perform my daily work in a much more efficient way.

    I would like to thank Dr. Dinesh from my heart !

  41. Navin says:

    It has been really wonderful experience since I have joined Sujok under the treatment of Dr. Dinesh Kapur. I have found very satisfying results with the treatment. Dr. Kapur has mastery over the acupuncture treatment. I sincerely hope to get over my long troubling Arthiritis problem under his treatment.


  42. Sanjay Dutt says:

    Its indeed been a pleasure having Dr. Dinesh Kapur treat me for thelast few weeks…..his demeanour, skill set and words of re assuranceto the patient itself solves half the illness…..i have been gettingtreatment done for Menieres/Tinnitus and am feeling better since thesessions started….I definitely feel that Sujok treatment done by himis beneficial and has a very positive aura around it…. best wishesSanjay DuttAsian Games VillageNew Delhi.

  43. Kirti Jain says:

    I, Kirti Jain, surprised to see the fabulous cure effect of ACUPUNCTURE SUJOK through Dr. Dinesh Kapur who cured my cervical spondylosis, spinal-lower back ache, body aches which I was having for the last approximately two years. After taking few sessions I could see the positive results.

    Now I have started telling others to have same treatment concept through Dr. Dinesh Kapur, who is absolutely got at home in his work not only treating but putting needles that patients does not know to have the needle fear?

    Thanks to Dr. Dinesh for his outstanding understanding concept!

    Kirti Jain

  44. nitish jain says:

    my parents ruch and rajiv jain along with my grandfather mr k.c.jain have been taking this treatment and are quite happy with it as it has showed results.
    dr dinesh kapur is great not only as a doctor but as a person.
    so i recommend to every one to give acupuncture a try.

  45. Sanjeev Rana says:

    Dear Mr. Kapur,

    This has refence to pursuing accupuncture/accupresher therepy. We are really surprised to note speedy healing effects of the therepay and are confident firstly of being in right hands and secondly getting rid of toughest of the health problems.

    Kapil Sharma / Vimpal Sharma
    Mayur Vihar

  46. Mehak Arya says:

    Acupuncture sujok do you know doctor KAPPOR is a hard worker give him pramotion.He is done great things to protect my family from deseases.He is like our family member.HE IS GREAT.GIVE HIM PRAMOTION OR DOUBLE HIS SALARY.MEHAK ARYA DAUGHTER OF RADHIKA ARYA.

  47. Kshamta Kaushik says:

    Dear Dr. Dinesh,

    I would like to thank you for all your help in expediting my recovery and getting my voice back. Despite my initial fear of needles, the speedy recovery I saw with the help of acupuncture was quite remarkable. I’m still continuing with moxibustion (sp?) and my voice is getting stronger by the day. I have recommended this to a few close friends who have struggling with ailments and I hope they find the same relief in this treatment that I did.

    Best regards,

  48. Vijay Mendes says:

    Dear Dr.Dinesh,
    I am doing your treatment religiously. My back which hadalmost totally packed up has shown tremendous signs of recovery. There ismajor relief and I am regaining strength in the back and legs. The numbnessand pain in the legs due to sciatica has improved 80%. I am also feelingmore energized and not this continuous tiredness I use to feel. My majorsinus problem has also improved. I have started to walk on the treadmill onan incline of 5 and at a speed of 5.5. Is it okay to continue? I am cominginto Delhi on Saturday and would request a few more sessions with you. Ishow be there leaving Wednesday by the 12:30 flight. I thank you and looking forward.
    Vijay Mendes

  49. Dear Mr. Kapur,

    This has refence to pursuing accupuncture/accupresher therepy. We are really surprised to note speedy healing effects of the therepay and are confident firstly of being in right hands and secondly getting rid of toughest of the health problems.

    Kapil Sharma / Vimpal Sharma
    Mayur Vihar
    Sanjeev Rana (

  50. Mr Neeaj, smile thanks for your valuable feed back. Though, no body is aware that with ACUPUNCTURE SUJOK diabeties can effectively be controlled. Hope, now onwards others may think to opt for this integrated system of alternative medicine to have total effectiveness. Enjoy!

  51. NEERAJ JAIN says:

    Acupuncture very-2 effective to cure diabetes,this i can say on the basis of my personnel experience.During May 2009 diabetes detected in me having F/PP values as 379/476 respectively & I started this treatment by Dr.Dinesh Kapur on 17.05.09 & my disease started disappearing slowly.On 11.08.09 I got my blood sugar tested & F/PP values were 89/100.Thus my blood sugar completely under control in just 3 months & I get rid of my disease in such a small period of time & this is amazing that it happens without having any allopathic tablets. Thanks to SUJOK .JAI BALAJI

  52. Pavani says:


    Just dropped in to say that this perfect treatment is good for all the problems that we face in everyday life .

    I had started with some hearing problems in last 2-3 weeks I told Dr. Dinesh about it and just in 2 sittings it was all clear.
    I never thought in my dreams that these small needles would do such miracles.

    Thanks to SUJOK and its creators and practitioners it really ROCKS!!!

    Not to forget GOD thank you GOD

    Jai Balaji!!!

  53. Mr Suresh Khandelwal, it appears someone known to you is having problem of scabies. There is a possibility to have cure of it. At least from the third or fourth sitting, one may start getting calmness at least in severe itching. You send me the complete details, symptoms etc. enabling to diagnose it.
    To your well being, smile life!

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