A recurrent disorder of brain function characterised by sudden brief attacks of altered consciousness, abnormal movements and or sensations,seizures or inappropriate behaviour. It occurs in seizures,manifested by falling down in a fit, loss of consciousness, foam on the lips or screams with eyes staring upward, and convulsions. Epilepsy is caused by abnormal electrical activity in the brain. Infections,meningitis,inflammation of the membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord, brain tumours,disturbances of the body’s chemical balance, certain poisonings, or interference with the blood supply to part of the brain. After some minutes, consciousness returns and the patients condition becomes normal. In the remainder no cause can be found, but it is suspected that unexplained inherited factors may predispose some people to seizures. Epilepsy is classified according to the type of seizure that usually occurs. Besides the typical seizures, there may be variations. It can be a momentary loss of attention or consciousness with eyes staring directly forward or prolonged loss of consciousness associated with convulsions and foam on the lips. It may occur at any time, in various frequency and with different severity. It is often preceded by an ‘aura’ of dizziness, depression sensation of the chest,and listlessness. Basically, epilepsy is an excess condition, but frequent recurrence can lower the body resistance.

•Grand mal is characterised by generalised seizures in which after a strange cry, could be because of fear and fright. The patient falls down unconscious,whole body stiffness and various muscle twitch or jerk. The seizure usually lasts a couple of minutes, after which the muscles relax and the bladder and or bowel may empty involuntarily. The sufferer often feels dazed and disoriented has a headache and may sleep for an hour or so. There is usually no memory of the event. Grand mal affects about go per cent of epilepsy sufferers. Normally, fear makes energy disordered and fright makes energy descend affecting the liver and kidney and leading to stirring of the deficiency wind.

•Petit mal absence attacks occurs mainly in children,there is a brief up to 30seconds loss of awareness without grossly abnormal movements, though eye or muscle fluttering may be noticed. These seizures usually happen when a child is sitting quietly, and it may seem that he or she is just daydreaming, however, petit mal seizures can occur many times during the day and may interfere seriously with school progress. It may be due to hereditary factors.

•Simple partial focal, local seizures affect only part of the body and begin with specific involuntary movements tics, twitches and abnormal sensations such as skin tingling and hallucinations of smell, sight or taste without loss of consciousness. In one type, called Jacksonian seizures, muscle twitches begin in one hand or foot then move up the limb, spread similarly from one corner of the mouth. simple partial seizures may subside after a few minutes or may progress to grand mal. This may be due to dysfunction of the liver in smoothing flow of energy or irregular food intake damaging the spleen and stomach, makes the dampness of food and drink accumulate as phlegm, which combined with the stagnated liver energy,disturbs the mind and causes epilepsy.

•Complex partial seizures are characterised by a variety of abnormal movements sensations and behaviours associated with loss of awareness for one to two minutes,rarely longer. The sufferer may at first stagger,perform automatic,purposeless movements and utter unintelligible sounds. He or she does not understand what is said and may resist aid. Mental confusion continues for a minute or so after the attack is apparently over. The sufferer remembers little if any of what has happened. Complex partial seizures are usually associated with a structural abnormality,such as a tumour,of the brain.

•Status epileptics occurs when grand mal,petit mal or complex partial seizures follow one another with no intervening periods of consciousness. Grand mal status epileptics may persist for hours and can cause permanent brain damage or be fatal without emergency treatment. When epilepsy begins in childhood, seizures may become less frequent in adolescence and adulthood and in some cases may stop. People with epilepsy are encouraged to lead as normal a life as their condition permits. Moderate exercise, sport and social activities are possible for most, but over exertion, stress and alcohol should be avoided. Regular meals and sleep are advisable. Most people with epilepsy can work, but the disorder may limit their choices of career. Differentiation;

During seizure – Main manifestations:

A typical seizure is preceded by dizziness, headache and suffocating sensation in the chest and immediately followed by falling down with loss of consciousness, pallor, clenched jaws, upward staring of the eyes, convulsion, foam on the lips, screaming as pigs or sheep and even incontinence of urine and feces. Gradually, the patient regains consciousness, and the symptoms disappear. Apart from fatigue and weakness, the patient can live a normal life. White sticky tongue coating and string taut, rolling pulse. Analysis: Dizziness, headache and suffocated sensation in the chest are the prodromal symptoms which show the upward perversion of the wind phlegm. The liver wind stirs up with the phlegm to disturb the mind. Therefore, there are loss of consciousness, convulsions and upward staring of the eyes. The foam on the lips is owing to the ascending wind phlegm. White, sticky tongue coating and rolling pulse are the signs of retaing of the phlegm. Since the wind phlegm is irregularly accumulated and dispersed the seizures are paroxysmal and the patient behaves as normal after the seizure.

After seizure – Main manifestations:

Listlessness, lustreless complexion, dizziness, palpitation, anorexia, profuse sputum, weakness and soreness of the lions and limbs, pale tongue with white coating and thready, rolling pulse. Analysis: Listlessness is due to damage of the vital energy by frequent epileptic fits. With insufficiency of blood, the complexion is lustreless. There is dizziness if the brain lacks blood supply, and palpitation if the heart is poorly supplied with blood. due to the depression of the spleen yang, the food cannot be transformed into essence and dampness and phlegm are produced, so there are anorexia and profuse sputum. Deficiency of the kidney essence causes soreness and weakness of the loins and limbs. Pale tongue with whit coating and thready, rolling pulse suggest consumption of energy and blood and accumulation of phlegm dampness. SuJok, a totally new and unique approach of the system of correspondence on Arm and Leg with two main advantages, one is natural stimulation without instrument and equipment and second is availability of detailed correspondence system for brain and head. This new system is very easy to understand and apply, giving very accurate and fast results. The method of treatment is amazingly simple to learn and to treat diseases of various origin and pathology successfully. An important aspect of SuJok therapy is that it allows to take into account an individual characteristics of the patient manifested in own energy constitution. This brings about an effective action on the very origin of disease. Besides, there are practically no contraindications for utilization of SuJok therapy. It has been shown to promote the health and improve the body’s immune function,also helped many people who were not successfully treated through conventional western medicine. Several conditions can be dramatically improved or remedied in full including epileptic disorders.

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Syncope is manifested by sudden fainting, pallor, cold limbs and loss of consciousness, which are often resulted from emotional excitement, fright or debilitation and over straining. 
Syncope of deficiency vital energy is often caused by general deficiency of the primary energy and failure to ascending due to over strain or grief and fright, exhaustion of energy after profuse bleeding.
Main manifestations ; feeble breathing with mouth agape, spontaneous sweating, pallor, cold limbs, deep and thready pulse. Resulting, analysis could be; dizziness, vertigo, loss of consciousness, feeble breathing are all with sudden perversion of its flow of energy, sinking of energy in the spleen and stomach and failure of the clear yang in ascending. Cold limbs are caused by failure of yang energy to reach there. Weakness of primary energy and disabilities of vital energy in controlling the pores are shown in spontaneous sweating and mouth agape. Deep thready pulse also suggests deficiency of energy. A simple faint is one that occurs in an otherwise healthy person. One cause is a sudden increase in activity of the agus-tenth cranial nerve which runs from the brain to the heart and other organs  and is one of the main controllers of the heart’s action. The vagus overactivity causes the heartbeat to slow down to about half its normal rate resulting in a sudden fall in blood pressure. The temporary drop in blood supply to the brain causes dizziness and a need to lie down. The person rapidly becomes pale, sweaty and nauseated and may quickly lose consciousness.
BUT, Syncope of excess vital energy is mainly due to emotional disturbances, such as anger, fear and fright leading to deranged flow of energy, which rushes upwards to the heart and chest, blocking the windpipe and disturbing the mind, or due to up surging of liver yang followed by perversion of blood flow after a fit of anger, leading to disturbance of the mind and resulting in loss of consciousness.

Main manifestations; coarse breathing, rigid limbs, clenched jaws, deep and excess type pulse. Resulting, analysis could be; perversion of energy after a fit of anger makes qi activity impeded and blood rushing upward together with qi to disturb the mind and hence sudden collapse, loss of consciousness, clenched jaws and rigid limbs.  Obstruction of energy in the lungs gives rise to coarse breathing. Deep and excess type pulse is a sign of excess syndrome. Vagus overactivity may be triggered by the psyche in response to such things as alarming or emotionally disturbing sights, nasty smells, overwhelming fear.
Syncope manifested by sudden loss of consciousness should be distinguished from wind stroke and epilepsy.  Wind stroke; loss of consciousness is complicated by hemiplegia and deviated mouth, usually, there are sequelae after restoration to consciousness.  Epilepsy; loss of consciousness is accompanied by convulsions, expectoration of frothy saliva or yelling, when the consciousness is regained the patient becomes as normal as usual.  This condition includes simple fainting, postural hypo-tension, hypoglycemia, hysteria etc.  If there is deficiency syndrome, one has to promote tonifying direction or if there is excess syndrome, energy to be in sedating direction so that it may regulate the flow of energy.
As Brain cells begin to die if they are deprived of oxygen for three to five minutes.  The brain requires about 20 percent of the body’s oxygen supply though it makes up only about 2 percent of a person’s total body weight.
SuJok  ‘ACUPUNCTURE’ states that vital energy is the animating force behind life, the cosmic forces of Nature, and is the root of all things. It is said that if one stays in touch with vital energy, ones life will be healthy in all its phases, be it BODY. MIND. EMOTIONS!  ACUPUNCTURE itself is a powerful medicine, which aids in strengthening the immune system and serves to prevent diseases, control pain and increase both the ability to function and the quality of peoples lives.  An important aspect of Su Jok therapy is that it allows to take into account individual characteristics of the patient manifested in her energy constitution. This brings about an effective action on the very origin of disease.
The beauty of acupuncture is that each treatment is catered to the needs of an individual patient. Acupuncture energy concept on palm will be chosen for overall well-being with the objective of increasing circulation of the blood and vital energy as it may be required even after being in consciousness state so that there is no recurrence of the episodes.
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