‘according to energy’
‘according to science’
‘God-according to Hindu mythology’
and so on you may presume according to the belief!
<thus ENERGY> is the most considerable and responsible, unifying and harmonizing force, whose purpose is to bring the world to a stable realistic existence. The Neutro symbolizes completeness, perfection. It is always involved in direction viz activities to complete the purpose of Existence Spirit. The Neutro, the fundamental instinct is to let the things exist in a harmonious way.
The ENERGY force which is born as a incarnation of the Existence Spirit ‘HIM’ Neutro is the perfect force carrying all the properties of ‘HIM’. A harmonizing, dynamic force with life, with Eternal movement, which propels every existence to keep moving, changing, modifying, upgrading towards self perfection. Every existence which exists in this world either Material ‘Homo-Proton’ or Non-material ‘Hetero-Electron’ can exist only when it is under the perfection spirit of Neutro. The spirit of Neutro force receives all the power directly from Existence Spirit. It can manage any disharmony partially created by disharmonious Homo and Hetero forces with Neutro spirit according to HIS Will. The Neutro force does not have any thing of itself, but is a harmonious combination of all the three fundamental forces Neuto-Atom-Origin, Hetero-Electron-Brahma and Homo-Proton-Shiva. And Without the Neutro force, Neuto, Hetero and Homo forces can not work independently.
It is basically live expression of the entire potential of Existence spirit. So, Neutro works and resolves the disharmonies within ONENESS spirit. The Neutro cares and finds a solution favorable to all in the future. The Neutro vision is long term vision. The Homo and Hetero forces can partially create localized distorted vision in case Neutro concentrates and moves temporarily to higher important things. With the birth of Neutro force, life appears. Among all the other fundamental forces, Neutro force is the main force which carries the fundamental spirit i.e ‘To let things exist harmoniously, so as to continue this Smile world. Our energy system as Life force is also created and integrated under ‘HIS’ Absolute Consciousness.
The Neutro ENERGY is Chi in Chinese, Prana in Indian, Tao in Taoism, Morality in Confucianism, Love in religion, Zero or infinity in mathematics, unwritten laws in human society, constitutions in organizations, natural laws in nature.
The Eight virtues of Neutro ;
Public spirit.
The Eight functions of Neutro ;
Purposeful change(improvement).

smile,Enjoy! It is just health, creates Perfection!

write ; ‘Dr.Dinesh kapur’




Most Hindus believe in a supreme spirit, called Brahman, and in the reincarnation of a person’s atman or soul. Hindus must practise satya (truth) and ahimsa (noninjury). At the same time must respect other’s property. Every Hindu follows the dharma (religious and moral duty) of varna, jati (caste), kula (family), and ashrama as best they can. Hindus believe in life after death. An individual can follow various paths to achieve moksha (release from the cycle of birth and rebirth), and ultimate union with Brahman, or God. Philosophical ideas, Vedanta philosophy and the Bhagavad-Gita define atman as the divine energy in every creature. Atman, the soul, continues to exist when the body dies, when it is rehoused in a new body. Each atman, because of its karma, experiences many lives until it achieves moksha.  The three qualities, prakriti (the matter necessary for all creation), gunas (the attributes built into the character of every created object), and maya (which makes this impermanent world appear merely as an illusion) bind atman to the material world. It is trapped in the cycle of successive lives.

Brahman <Atom, Infinity Neuto> is the name of the most absolute, abstract form of God in the Hindu religion. Hindus believe Brahman is the divine force that sustains the universe. Brahman has three main forms, called the Trimurti. They are Brahma<Electron,Hetero>, the creator of the universe; Vishnu<Neutrion,Neutro>, its preserver; and Shiva<Proton,Homo>, its destroyer. Hindus relate Brahman to the idea of Atman, the universal soul that is the source of individual souls. Many Hindus believe people must discover the Atman or Brahman in themselves in order to achieve spiritual perfection. In the Rig-Veda, the earliest Hindu scriptures, the name Brahman referred to the power present in religious sacrifices. As Hindu philosophy developed, this power came to mean the soul of the universe. Parts of the Upanishads, a group of sacred writings, glorify Brahman over all other forms of God. God <Triorigin> is a religious term for the “supreme reality.” In many religions, God is the creator of the universe and the ultimate source of knowledge, power, and love. Triorigin is a fundamental, inseparable, immutable, manifesting itself in all phenomena and factors – physical and metaphysical – of this world, it provides a basis for organisation of both man’s physical body and his en system, fundamental order is zero character, no change, fixed as fundamental, still everywhere, Enlightened.

SOUL is like the Zero state, it is similar to ‘Nothing’ state that existed in the beginning of this Universe before the big-bang. HE ‘CREATOR’ also exists in this Zero state. So, our Soul belongs to HIM. We are like HIS sons and daughters. That’s why HE is eager to inform us about this truth, so that we are free from suffering and ignorance. Parents are always eager to give wisdom and knowledge to there children, keeping no secrets. So ‘SuJok’ is ‘HIS’ system. It belongs to HIM. It is common to all, with no claims of belonging to a person or country. Through SuJok we can recognize HIS existence. Thus, He created SuJok therapy as a Holy therapy.

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HIS – CREATION,  is a fundamental force, which is inseparable, immutable, manifesting itself in all phenomena and factors whether physical world and  metaphysical world, of this world, a real world ‘not of zero world’. It provides a basis for organisation of both man’s physical body and his energy system. The fundamental order is of zero character, which means no change, fixed as fundamental, still everywhere, Enlightened!.
 The CREATION forces in order of Creation are (Atom. Electron. Proton and Neutron) and forces in Functional order are(Atom. Electron. Neutron and Proton).  What we do in our daily routine be it walking, taking food, speech, breathing, sight, diurnal activity of man are example of functional energy order.
 “HIS ~ CREATION”  –  The ATOM – lies in slumber in the zero world, In a state of bliss without a thought.  The PROTON – very close by, so peaceful and content, But thinks only of herself;  To stay in this place forever, Nothing changing. The ELECTRON – feels restless, cannot be still, longs to escape, stifled by the sameness. The ATOM casts a shadow into this world, The big bang causes disruption. At last, the ELECTRON sees the chance to be free Separated at last from the chains that bound, it makes a straight line away from the zero world. Running amok the energy process of Electron which is unfettered ; always Changes spaces, moving from one place to another. Expanding and producing but generates chaos. Not unlike Great Brahma the creator but Unbalanced and unruly, calling ‘don’t touch me’ . The PROTON is disturbed, she smells change, Is fearful all the time when she realises that the ELECTRON has left. I must go after him is her first thought And bring him back Electron to our home. The 2nd energy leaves the zero world resolute to return. Chasing after Electron, Proton is unrelenting Standing in his way, slows him down ‘Come home with now’, she is crying and cold. Resenting PROTON’s agony his anger erupts.
 Arrogant Electron struts disdainfully around, ‘I came to this world’ ELECTRON boastfully declares and Heartily laughing proclaims; ‘I am happier alone’. Contracted with pain, PROTON gathers herself Exuding  jealousy and hatred , calling ‘this is not my world’  Vows  to take humanity back to the zero. Like Shiva the destroyer her plan is set. From the Atom point, a spiralling force of love is born Initiating praise and celebration for the harmony within. Encompasses  the line and the plane to balance their excess Restoring health and happiness bringing SMILE to mankind’s lips. Wondrous  NEUTRON, reflection of the great spirit above
 The NEUTRO is harmoniously energetic, active, lively, mobile, quick respond to the events, comparatively easy to go through failures and troubles, easily  controlling his emotions. It is the most lively, realistic, practical force.  It is open for solution of any problems, overcomes them with a smile, effortlessly, does not take conflicts very much to heart, can smooth things over in due time. It is the force of compromise. It is a free force, effective and economical flexible and adaptive. It is able to adjust itself to any situations, has great flexibility for performance of its tasks. The Neutrino force is capable of long work without getting tired, it regulates and disciplines his work and does it in time. As a rule his work is always successful. It incorporates the elements of ATOM, ELECTRON and PROTON but it does not have their extreme manifestations.
 The energies of ATOM, ELECTRON, PROTON AND NEUTRON applies to the human being, it’s up to us which way H‘I’S to realise!  in a practical approach!
 Life Smile which is fundamental to all living creatures, involves in every life activity in an invisible manner. Where ever this life smile goes, actual smiles are created and they spread like waves after waves in entire mind, body and even soul. Life SMILE means pouring life force into mind smile, body smile and soul smile to activate them a live existences.
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 To your well-being, smile life. Enjoy!