Optic atrophy, an eye disorder which gradually degenerate the vision acuity. At the early stage there is only blurring of vision, but at the later stages the possibility of eyesight may totally lost. The eye is a unique window into health. It’ is the only place in the body where, without surgery, we can look in and see veins, arteries and a nerve [the optic nerve]. The eyes’ transparency explains why common eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration can be detected early with regular eye exams. The Symptoms of optic atrophy are a change in the optic disc and a decrease in visual function. This change in visual function may decrease in sharpness and clarity of vision (visual acuity) or decreases in side (peripheral) vision. Color vision and contrast sensitivity can also be affected.
There are many possible causes of optic atrophy. The causes can range from trauma to systemic disorders, tissue death of the nerve that carries the information about sight from the eye to the brain.
 Pathogenesis-Differentiation ;
 •Deficiency of the kidney and liver leads to consumption of the essence and blood that nourish the eyes.
 Main manifestations: Dryness of the eyes, blurred vision, dizziness, tinnitus, nocturnal emission, aching of the lower back, thready and weak pulse, reddened tongue with scanty coating.
 Analysis: Dryness of the eyes and blurred vision are due to failure of the essential nutrients to nourish the eyes in deficiency of the liver and kidney. The limbus is the seat of the kidney. When the kidney is in a deficiency state, there is aching of the lower back. Deficiency of the kidney may lead to nocturnal emission when there is hyperactivity of the asthenic fire and to dizziness and tinnitus when there is yang preponderance. Thready and weak pulse, reddened tongue with scanty coating are signs of yin deficiency.
 •Dysfunction in transportation and transformation of the spleen due to irregular diet and over strain results in inadequate supply of the essential nutrients for the eyes.
 Main manifestations: Blurred vision, weakness of breath, disinclination to talk, lassitude, poor appetite, loose stools, thready and weak pulse, pale tongue with thin white coating.
 Analysis: The essential qi of all the zang-fu organs flows up to the eyes. When qi and blood in a deficiency state can not nourish the eyes, the vision becomes blurred. Qi deficiency of the spleen and stomach causes weakness of breath, disinclination to talk, lassitude, poor appetite and loose stools. Thready and weak pulse, pale tongue with thin and white coating are signs of deficiency of qi and blood.
 •Dysfunction of the liver with stagnation of qi and blood in emotional troubles causes failure of the essential qi to flow upwards to nourish the eyes.
 Main manifestations: Blurred vision, emotional depression, dizziness, vertigo, hypochondriac pain, bitter taste in the mouth, dry throat and string-taut pulse.
 Analysis: The liver has its specific body opening in the eyes. Stagnation of the liver qi causes general obstruction of qi and blood which fail to ascend to nourish the eyes. So the blurred vision.  The Liver meridian passes by the hypochondriac region, so there is hypochondriac pain when the liver qi is stagnated. Retarded qi may turn into fire which flares up to cause dizziness, vertigo, bitter taste in the mouth and dry throat. String-taut pulse is the sign of a liver disease.
 But blurred vision in a diabetic means: Diabetics are at increased risk for several eye problems, including glaucoma and cataracts. But the most common threat to vision is diabetic retinopathy, where the diabetes affects the circulatory system of the eye. It’s the leading cause of blindness. The changes linked to diabetic retinopathy tend to show up in people who have had the disease for a long time, not those recently diagnosed. The person may also see “floaters,” tiny dark specks in the field of vision. Sometimes diabetes causes small hemorrhages (bleeding) that are visible in the eye. There’s no pain. People with poorly controlled blood sugar may have worse symptoms.  Someone with diabetes should have a dilated eye exam annually to catch and control the earliest stages of retinopathy, glaucoma, cataracts or other changes—before they manifest as changes you’re aware of.
 There are other unrelated causes of optic atrophy is poor blood flow, called ischemic optic neuropathy, which most often affects the elderly. The optic nerve can also be damaged by shock, various toxic substances, radiation, and trauma. Various eye diseases, most commonly glaucoma, can also cause optic nerve atrophy. In addition, the condition can be caused by diseases of the brain and central nervous system, such as cranial arteries sometimes called temporal arteries, multiple sclerosis, brain tumor, and stroke.
 One should apply to reinforce the liver and kidney and nourish qi and blood by  tonifying method. Even movement is applied to the same meridian to remove the stagnation of the liver qi.
 Acupuncture ‘SuJok’-An important aspect of SuJok therapy is that it allows to take into account an individual characteristics of the patient manifested in own energy constitution. This brings about an effective action on the very origin of disease. Besides, there are practically no contradictions for use of SuJok therapy. SuJok is a traditionally accomplished through insertion of very fine needles at the certain energy meridians, energy gates, joints of affected organs, or energy flow therapy in miniature form of the hands and feet. Thus, the Acupuncture SuJok is effective even if of optic atrophy. The remission of the disease can be achieved and medicaments’ therapy simultaneously  reduced or eliminated altogether.  The course of treatment is definitely uneventful.
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‘according to energy’
‘according to science’
‘God-according to Hindu mythology’
and so on you may presume according to the belief!
<thus ENERGY> is the most considerable and responsible, unifying and harmonizing force, whose purpose is to bring the world to a stable realistic existence. The Neutro symbolizes completeness, perfection. It is always involved in direction viz activities to complete the purpose of Existence Spirit. The Neutro, the fundamental instinct is to let the things exist in a harmonious way.
The ENERGY force which is born as a incarnation of the Existence Spirit ‘HIM’ Neutro is the perfect force carrying all the properties of ‘HIM’. A harmonizing, dynamic force with life, with Eternal movement, which propels every existence to keep moving, changing, modifying, upgrading towards self perfection. Every existence which exists in this world either Material ‘Homo-Proton’ or Non-material ‘Hetero-Electron’ can exist only when it is under the perfection spirit of Neutro. The spirit of Neutro force receives all the power directly from Existence Spirit. It can manage any disharmony partially created by disharmonious Homo and Hetero forces with Neutro spirit according to HIS Will. The Neutro force does not have any thing of itself, but is a harmonious combination of all the three fundamental forces Neuto-Atom-Origin, Hetero-Electron-Brahma and Homo-Proton-Shiva. And Without the Neutro force, Neuto, Hetero and Homo forces can not work independently.
It is basically live expression of the entire potential of Existence spirit. So, Neutro works and resolves the disharmonies within ONENESS spirit. The Neutro cares and finds a solution favorable to all in the future. The Neutro vision is long term vision. The Homo and Hetero forces can partially create localized distorted vision in case Neutro concentrates and moves temporarily to higher important things. With the birth of Neutro force, life appears. Among all the other fundamental forces, Neutro force is the main force which carries the fundamental spirit i.e ‘To let things exist harmoniously, so as to continue this Smile world. Our energy system as Life force is also created and integrated under ‘HIS’ Absolute Consciousness.
The Neutro ENERGY is Chi in Chinese, Prana in Indian, Tao in Taoism, Morality in Confucianism, Love in religion, Zero or infinity in mathematics, unwritten laws in human society, constitutions in organizations, natural laws in nature.
The Eight virtues of Neutro ;
Public spirit.
The Eight functions of Neutro ;
Purposeful change(improvement).

smile,Enjoy! It is just health, creates Perfection!

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An excess of bilirubin in blood can produce jaundice, is a yellowish discoloration of skin, tissues and sclera is caused by high levels in blood of the chemical bilirubin.  It results from an increased amount of bilirubin, a reddish-yellow pigment in blood, when bilirubin level is mildly elevated, they are yellowish and they tend to be brown when bilirubin level is high.  Jaundice is mainly manifested by yellow discoloration of the sclera, skin, urine, normally resulted from the dampness in the spleen and heat in the stomach,leading to abnormal circulation of the bile which spreads to the skin surface. It is further divided into Yang jaundice and Yin jaundice according to its nature.
Bilirubin is formed by the breakdown of haemoglobin, a pigment in red blood cells.  The liver removes bilirubin from the blood stream and discharges it in the bile. The chemical that remains in the blood after the iron is removed becomes bilirubin.  Thus, jaundice results from either excessive production of bilirubin or reduced discharge of bile.  Jaundice is not a disease but a symptom of various diseases. 
Hemolytic jaundice results from an increased breakdown of red blood cells, which causes a greater concentration of bilirubin in the blood. Hepatocellular jaundice occurs when the liver is diseased, as in hepatitis, so that it cannot secrete enough bile. Mainly Bilirubin collects in the body, with the result jaundice develop.  Obstructive jaundice is caused by the blocking of the bile ducts.  Gallstones may also cause such a blockage. Many babies are born with physiologic jaundice, which occurs if the body cannot process all the bilirubin it produces.  In most cases, it disappears within two weeks after birth.
Bile a fluid secreted by liver helps the body digest and absorb fatty foods.  It also rids the body of certain waste products.  The liver secretes bile continuously, producing about 1 litre per day.  Bile flows from the liver into a tube called the hepatic duct. It connects with the common bile duct, which leads to the small intestine.  Except after meal most of the bile does not proceed directly to intestine.  Rather, it enters in gall bladder, a pouch attached to the common bile duct.  There, bile is stored and concentrated until needed. It contains various waste products that eventually become part of the faeces (solid body wastes).  One of these waste products, bilirubin, is formed from breakdown of red blood cells.  Bilirubin gives bile its colour, which ranges from brown to greenish-yellow.  Other waste matter in the bile includes excess cholesterol and certain poisons that the liver removes from the bloodstream.
The seasonal and epidemic factors accumulate in the spleen and stomach, leading to internal formation and collection of damp heat. Dampness after mixed with heat is apt to penetrate deeper, while heat mixed with dampness is apt to get more exuberant. The liver and gallbladder are steamed by the heat in the spleen and stomach, leading to overflow of the bile to the skin surface, thus jaundice appears.
Irregular diet injures the spleen and stomach, causing disturbance in transportation and transformation and internal formation of dampness, which transforms into heat. Damp heat stains the skin yellow.
YANG Jaundice ; Main manifestations: Lustrous yellow skin and sclera, fever, thirst, scanty dark yellow urine, heaviness of the body, fullness in the abdomen, stuffiness of the chest, nausea, yellow sticky tongue coating, string taut, rapid pulse. If the spleen yang fails to resolve the dampness, the normal distribution of bile is impaired, affecting the spleen, soaking into the muscles, and spreading to the skin which turns yellow as if it were smoked.
Basically, steaming of the damp heat makes the bile spread to the skin surface. Heat being a yang factor, makes the yellow discoloration of the skin lustrous. Fever, thirst, scanty dark yellow urine are due to excessive damp heat, which damages the body fluid and disturbs the activity of the bladder.
YIN Jaundice ; Main manifestations: Sallow skin, heaviness of the body, weakness, loss of appetite, epigastric stuffiness, lassitude, aversion to cold, absence of thirst, pale tongue, thick, white tongue coating, deep slow pulse. Yin jaundice can also result from an improperly treated yang jaundice which leads to injury of the yang qi, hypo-activity of the spleen yang, and internal collection of cold dampness.
Basically, the stagnation of cold dampness in the spleen and stomach impedes the distribution of yang qi, leading to overflow of the bile, thus the skin is sallow. In case the dampness stays in the spleen, the spleen yang is hypo-active and the transporting and transforming function is impaired, therefore heaviness in the body, loss of appetite and epigastric stuffiness occurs. 
SuJok Acupuncture, itself is a powerful medicine, which aids in strengthening the immune system and serves to prevent diseases, control pain and increase both the ability to function and the quality of peoples lives.  It has been shown to promote the health and improve the body’s immune function. It has also been observed many people who were not successfully treated through conventional western medicine.  Several conditions can be dramatically improved or remedied in full including Jaundice.
While giving treatment through SuJok ACUPUNCTURE, one can opt for the positive effectiveness treatment aiming sedating Biliary colic Heart which is already in excess. Total effectiveness is possible.
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HIS – CREATION,  is a fundamental force, which is inseparable, immutable, manifesting itself in all phenomena and factors whether physical world and  metaphysical world, of this world, a real world ‘not of zero world’. It provides a basis for organisation of both man’s physical body and his energy system. The fundamental order is of zero character, which means no change, fixed as fundamental, still everywhere, Enlightened!.
 The CREATION forces in order of Creation are (Atom. Electron. Proton and Neutron) and forces in Functional order are(Atom. Electron. Neutron and Proton).  What we do in our daily routine be it walking, taking food, speech, breathing, sight, diurnal activity of man are example of functional energy order.
 “HIS ~ CREATION”  –  The ATOM – lies in slumber in the zero world, In a state of bliss without a thought.  The PROTON – very close by, so peaceful and content, But thinks only of herself;  To stay in this place forever, Nothing changing. The ELECTRON – feels restless, cannot be still, longs to escape, stifled by the sameness. The ATOM casts a shadow into this world, The big bang causes disruption. At last, the ELECTRON sees the chance to be free Separated at last from the chains that bound, it makes a straight line away from the zero world. Running amok the energy process of Electron which is unfettered ; always Changes spaces, moving from one place to another. Expanding and producing but generates chaos. Not unlike Great Brahma the creator but Unbalanced and unruly, calling ‘don’t touch me’ . The PROTON is disturbed, she smells change, Is fearful all the time when she realises that the ELECTRON has left. I must go after him is her first thought And bring him back Electron to our home. The 2nd energy leaves the zero world resolute to return. Chasing after Electron, Proton is unrelenting Standing in his way, slows him down ‘Come home with now’, she is crying and cold. Resenting PROTON’s agony his anger erupts.
 Arrogant Electron struts disdainfully around, ‘I came to this world’ ELECTRON boastfully declares and Heartily laughing proclaims; ‘I am happier alone’. Contracted with pain, PROTON gathers herself Exuding  jealousy and hatred , calling ‘this is not my world’  Vows  to take humanity back to the zero. Like Shiva the destroyer her plan is set. From the Atom point, a spiralling force of love is born Initiating praise and celebration for the harmony within. Encompasses  the line and the plane to balance their excess Restoring health and happiness bringing SMILE to mankind’s lips. Wondrous  NEUTRON, reflection of the great spirit above
 The NEUTRO is harmoniously energetic, active, lively, mobile, quick respond to the events, comparatively easy to go through failures and troubles, easily  controlling his emotions. It is the most lively, realistic, practical force.  It is open for solution of any problems, overcomes them with a smile, effortlessly, does not take conflicts very much to heart, can smooth things over in due time. It is the force of compromise. It is a free force, effective and economical flexible and adaptive. It is able to adjust itself to any situations, has great flexibility for performance of its tasks. The Neutrino force is capable of long work without getting tired, it regulates and disciplines his work and does it in time. As a rule his work is always successful. It incorporates the elements of ATOM, ELECTRON and PROTON but it does not have their extreme manifestations.
 The energies of ATOM, ELECTRON, PROTON AND NEUTRON applies to the human being, it’s up to us which way H‘I’S to realise!  in a practical approach!
 Life Smile which is fundamental to all living creatures, involves in every life activity in an invisible manner. Where ever this life smile goes, actual smiles are created and they spread like waves after waves in entire mind, body and even soul. Life SMILE means pouring life force into mind smile, body smile and soul smile to activate them a live existences.
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Smile education is a very important mechanism that allows to influence the development of man, society and the world in general. When a person smiles, there is no place for fear and other factors that interfere with development. If a pregnant woman, her family and the society regard pregnancy as a wonderful state and smile, the child is born with ease, with great vital force and ability to develop both mentally and physically.
His adaptive capabilities improve; the process of speech and skills formation is easier. Learning becomes fun. If the child perceives the world with wonder, smile appears immediately.
Excessive seriousness, being a Proton factor, constrains curiosity and smile, interferes with development of a Neutrino – personality. Excessive influence of the Proton force might result in appearance of severe psychosomatic disorders, impairments of speech.
Then an effective way of harmonization, treatment and smile education will be laughter. Laughter is an Electron phenomenon, permitting to cope even with strong anti smile Proton factors. The process of neutralization results in birth of smile that characterizes the state of emotional balance, equilibrium. If laughter is difficult to produce, the technique of tickling might help. Parents intuitively apply this method when a child is capricious, cries, refuses to do something. The method of tickling is applicable to adults as well to cope with depression, stress, and other anti smile factors.
Smile education is an important at any stage of life cycle of man. In the first three years of life, smile education is especially important. Should this opportunity be missed, it will be harmful not only for the child, but for his parents, society, because it will be difficult for this child to find his way when he becomes an adult. Since every step of meditation of smile can be explained by theory, logic, and one can learn it easily. The Neutrino force guides a meditating person in the proper direction and saves him from possible complications.  So, any one who has entered the Neutrino way of smile is to take an active part in dissemination of this knowledge.
Use of methods of bringing up smile in the system of education will promote better and deeper understanding, mastering of knowledge, make their minds more versatile and susceptive. Smile education is the first and probably the most important education of man. Smile education of adults will help many to solve psychological and family problems, to find a job, to organize business, to form a working team, to resolve any controversy, to give birth and bring up a healthy child, to choose occupation, to find one’s way in life, and many other things. If society accepts the philosophy of smile, it will be developing harmoniously in accordance with the Existence Spirit. Is that not the great destiny of man!
AS, SMILE has come out from the zero world, so it has no sound, so smile is invisible by its nature.  If we are not aware of this absoluteness that much we are confused and suffer so-called sufferings in our lives. Smile in your mind. Then you start seeing wonders. All things are smiling around you. You could feel they welcome you with celebration and smile.  When you respond with smile Naturally your mind gets opened. You could feel you have pure smile. Together with your smile which is already in your soul. To open this wonderful smile world, it gets started.
 Smile, creates perfection!
 Smile, is a health!
 Smile, an essence of life.
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Inflammation of the inner ear, usually caused by viral or bacterial infection. Viral labyrinthitis may complicate generalised viral infections such as INFLUENZA or MUMPS. In bacterial labyrinthitis, infection spreads to the inner ear from acute MIDDLE EAR INFECTION or bacterial MENINGITIS (inflammation of the membranes that surround the brain).
Symptoms ; Labyrinthitis causes giddiness, nausea and vomiting, loss of balance and hearing, ringing in the ears and abnormal, jerky movements of the eyes. In bacterial labyrinthitis the dominant symptoms may be ear pain and those of the underlying cause.
SuJok therapy stands as a highly efficient method of non medicamentous treatment even for ear problem patients. The SuJok therapy approach has the capacity to remedy health disorders at a variety of levels, including emotional, mental, at the somatic (inter systemic) level, the afflicted system and cellular levels. SuJok therapy will emerge useful both as a tactical therapeutic modality in order to relieve an exacerbated condition, and as a strategic treatment aimed at dealing with first-order factors of the pathogenesis.
SuJok therapy has proved to be in tune with the therapeutic methods advised by the International SuJok acupuncture by the points corresponding to the kidney, and also by Six Ki points. It is worth to opt for having effective positive results.
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The vagina is an elastic, yet muscular canal, upper part of the vagina connects to the cervix, which opens into the uterus, and the lower part opens to the outside of the body. It lies between the urethra, which connects to the bladder and the rectum.
During sexual intercourse, the vagina lengthens, widens and engorges with blood as it prepares to accept the penis. Additionally, the vagina serves as a passageway for cervical mucus, menstrual fluid and other secretions out of the body. During childbirth, the baby is pushed from the uterus out of the body, also through the vaginal canal.
Vulvitis is inflammation of the skin of the vulva, external genitals of the female which causes swelling, soreness, itching, redness and sometimes weeping. Small painful, splits and ulcers may also develop in the inflamed skin, causing it to sting when wet by washing or urine. Itching of the external genitals is particularly miserable on scratching these parts. It is also more likely to be harmful, as on scratching, the worse things become.
CAUSES ; Vulvitis itch may be caused by local infection, allergy, physical or chemical injury or lack of oestrogen. Or it may be part of generalised skin inflammations such as eczema and HIVS. Itch due to thrush and trichomoniasis is often associated with vaginitis inflammation of the vaginal from these causes. When both vagina and vulva are affected the condition is called vulvo vaginitis. Other infections that may cause vulva itch include public lice, the early and healing stages of genital herpes simplex, and occasionally genital warts. Lack of oestrogen after the menopause can lead to atrophy vulvitis-thinning, drying and inflammation of genital skin which causes relentless itching and makes the vulva skin more susceptible to infection. Allergy should always be suspected when there is no evidence of infection or atrophy. Causes include feminine hygiene products including douches, soap, ingredients, bubble baths, bath salts and oils, laundry detergents, spermicides, condom rubber or lubricants and even the dye from coloured toiled paper. Food and drugs that bring out allergic rashes can also affect genital skin. Tight trousers and sanitary pads may cause vulvitis and itch.
Acupuncture SuJok can help improve the overall health including vulvitis. The remission of the disease can be achieved and medicamentous therapy simultaneously reduced or eliminated altogether.  The course of treatment is definitely uneventful as one may observe the effectiveness from the initial three to four sessions. Moreover, the energy concept of treatment is only on the palms/feet with tiny micro needles<painless>, seeds or even through the palm tree! The treatments support the rebuilding strength and resiliency that is essential for the recovery process. Acupuncture treatments have a calming effect!
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