The problems communicate to throat such as pain, ache, redness, swelling,    hoarseness  or persistent hoarseness or other malignancies, lump in throat, dry, burning sensation, low tolerance of heat, or cold, liquid stools, inflammation, pus, palatine tonsil, pain during swallowing, fever, sore throat which is involved in acute tonsillitis and pharyngitis etc. THROAT correspondence point area stimulation with Black color may give positive effective, simple, fast results! At the same time stimulation on the projected point in the miniature form of hands or feet.
Besides, the stomach meridian is also responsible for any problems in the throat or the kidney channel is internally connected to the throat, because the kidney is insufficient to run up to moisten the throat, the throat is slightly congested with mild pain on and off and with dryness more marked at night, according to energy concept of SuJok.
What we need is to have a diagnostic probe for stimulation at the correspondence point.
Diagnostic probes, a therapeutic correspondence point (or treatment reflected point) will be notable for a keen tenderness following a mechanical pressure. It is this phenomenon which is taken into consideration while conducting diagnosis or therapy.
The treatment point will be located by applying a uniform pressure at the correspondence area. The painful sensation caused by a diagnostic stick hitting the treatment point would be often associated with spontaneous mobile response of the muscles of the body part under investigation.
The size of the head of a diagnostic stick used in search for, and stimulation of, the treatment point should coincide with the area occupied by the correspondence area in the selected therapeutic system. The ribbed side surface of the stick serves to provide massage for the hands and feet, as well as for secure retention of an instrument by the doctor.
The size of the heads of this diagnostic probe is such that it can ensure the most effective stimulation of the correspondence points.
Artificial stimulator’s – Metal stars, can be used for prolonged – action stimulator’s of correspondence points.
Marked tenderness appearing even when slightly pressing on a metal star will point to correct application of the latter. Having fixed the star in the tender point with an adhesive plaster, the patient presses on it periodically by himself, making local massage. The nature of illness determines the duration of the application. It can vary from several hours to several days. Various sizes of metal stars allow to enhance the effect of their action in working with correspondence systems of various sizes.
In any case one may get positive effective results. If one does not get any results in initial few sessions, should consult, take medical professional advice.  The information provided through the blog is only for general interest and should not be misconstrued as a diagnosis, prognosis or treatment recommendation. This information does not in any way constitute the practice of chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy, medicine, or any other health care profession. Readers are directed to consult their health care provider regarding their specific health situation. It is a natural, drug less way of treatment, one may opt for it, for an improvement.
Prognosis – Most patients recover with no long-term complications if diagnosed and treated properly.
Needless to say, a treatment through SuJok Acupuncture is quite effective!
write ; ‘Dr.Dinesh kapur’
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 If a person is having a habit of talking not much or less or hardly utters a word or if utters, in a manner too quietly, calmly or even hardly heard, husky, groan, alfonso or deep, short moan,  such person is having emotions of fear and fright, that person seems to be excessive fear factor even on trifling matters or things which have nothing to do. 
 BUT, at the same time, such person is having reasoning of wisdom power. Such a person is having directly or indirectly involvement of organs kidney and urinary bladder.  In such cases everything becomes still and contraction power of the organs is maximum.  The flow of fluids stops completely or gradually slow. Everything seems to be hard or cold as  it belongs to coldness energy. Such person moves from one place to another all the time, as can not stick to one place because wisdom power is on extreme.
 If a person is having such energy it is quite difficult to contact or interact with stranger. Symptoms may also appear that whole body or a part of it feels cold, symptoms fluids to congeal in body, causes pain. As there is coldness in body means invited to darkness energy, resulting paralysis, necrosis and all the systems of the body are visible like bones, always reach to the bone. There is a possibility of grey hair, thin hair, fall of hair excessive or urination could be excess, or in less quantity as it should be or in uncontrollable conditions.
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 write :, Dr.Dinesh Kapur


 If a person is having tendency of talking too much, that too so quickly, loudly means according to energy concept of acupuncture sujok, is heaving excessive desire and a strong desire which carry out some action according to emotional energies and at the same time an excessive heat dominant in the constitution of an individual. If to overcome the problem one should apply sedating application as If affected by heat, it may cause the person becomes willingly to do only what he wants to do. His wisdom is weakened and reasonable sense of judgement is also lost.  BUT at the same time the person becomes ambitious,vigorous.
 On the other hand dominant energy can injures body fluids, tongue and stool become dry, resulting constipated. Patient is most of the time thirsty.  It can also cause blood to travel outside channels leading to hemorrhages, rashes, body excretions are dark, yellow, sticky or foul smelling and inflammatory disorders(reddening,elevated temperature.
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 write :, Dr.Dinesh Kapur