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6 thoughts on “Images

  1. Sushma says:

    I was looking to get some improvement in my eye sight and also my husband is pre-diabetic so please suggest what method can be used to get better results.
    Many thanks in advance

  2. Tushar
    SuJok represents the whole body in the miniature form of hands or feet, while keeping massage rings which have been designed for intense stimulation of fingers and toes, thus stimulating the whole body in itself. They are used if a great number of correspondence points are to be stimulated simultaneously. As the massage ring is put on a finger or toe, it should either be vigorously rolled to and fro until there occurs a sustained hyperemia and sensation of warmth or let it be as it is for a while on interphalangeal joint then to be rolled out to and fro and thereafter, the ring should be taken out. It helps in removing any toxin deposited in the meridians. It’s an exercise of it own. smile!

  3. saakshi Jain says:

    Dr. Sahib,

    I want to loss my stomach fat or weight loss. My age is 35 yrs, and hight 4″9. Weight 62 kg. Please tell me with fig. how can I loss my weight through moxibation.

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