Self ‘actualisation’

 In breathing process which is composed of ;
 i] inhalation,
 ii] exhalation and
 iii] pause,
 in four sense organs developed on face,
 in the internal organs composed of  Yin, Yang and Endocrine organs,
 in the body motions composed of stretch, bend and twist,
 in the mind composed of emotion, reason and spirit,
 we can see it is the fundamental Model order of HIM<CREATOR> and they are all governed by the fundamental principle!
 Thus vital force is closely connected with the breathing, so vital force smile gives us a feeling of freshness, continuous movement of energy…Breathing

~Smile channel permits to interact with the zero world and at the same time with the Metaphysical particle worlds, with the physical and energy worlds too, to treat patients in person and at a distance level, be effective in grave chronic diseases and emergency situations, be it at personal level or social level or economical levels or any other levels!~~~~

The invisible, upper regions of space beyond the earth’s atmosphere ; clear sky; an ether, a colorless, sweet – smelling liquid that burns and evaporates readily; ethyl ether ; di-ethyl ether. Its fumes cause unconsciousness when deeply inhaled. Ether is produced by action of sulfuric acid on ethyl alcohol and is used as an anesthetic, as a solvent for fats and resins, and as a refrigerant.
Earth is subject to the prevailing influence of three kinds of heavenly bodies, Sun [Hetero<Electron>, Moon[Homo<Proton> and stars[Neutro<Neutron> and Atom as Neuto.

NEXT >>>• Neuto force is apparently different from the others by nature. It has inexhaustible, unexplored depth, but being close to the zero world and connected with it.  Neuto is often invisible and passive. It is like the air we breathe or the root of a tree ; though invisible, they are very essential.  Neuto is the source of Hetero, Homo, Neutro. The direct influence of Neuto on the real world is limited due to its zero nature. It seems calm, invisible, indifferent but has a considerable influence on other forces. Neuto gives all beings its protection and the state of peace.

SOUND>> Sound is the vibration, the energy, the motion.  All existence – be it atoms, planets, the universe – has wave characteristics. Too high, loud, abrupt sounds (Hetero characteristics, as well as too low, soft, dull, monotonous ones(Homo, characteristics, might worsen emotional and physical alternating sounds and their combinations (Neutro) have a beneficial effect on the overall/body.  It is important not only to listen but to sing as well ; it not only unite with a singer’s soul but also express one’s own soul!

>Means the whole world comprising the variety of approaches to treatment of diseases going for beyond curative stimulation through the  hands and feet.
>Onnuri Spirit – the spirit of helping and sharing the knowledge with everybody, willing to accept it!

>Smile has come out from zero world, so it has no sound, so smile is invisible by its nature. If we are not aware of this absoluteness that much, we are all the time confused and suffer – so-called sufferings in our lives. Life is suffering. Suffering is coming from the ignorance.  To know, what we are, who we are, seeking for transitory pleasure, we have to  stop.  There is a major difference between laugh and smile.  Laugh has sound, it belongs to this world and its energy is retrospective, but Smile does not have sound and its root stretches, encapsulate to Zero World.
 Life should not be misunderstood as being full of suffering. Life is the continuation of the wonder and smile from the moment of birth. This world is overflowing with wonders and smiles and there is no space for suffering by agony or anguish etc. Create Smile in your mind!
 Who I am! start from the mind – to the body (Homo asymmetrical world, I belong to human being, zero world – Neuto, and Neutro – the living creature world. To self, Neuto – Mind + Body + Self Life, if achieve, self become perfect in inner-side because he is perfect then looking towards OriginSmile. This world is perfect, we are not able to see real true, only when we can see the real world, when we are perfect. Fundamentally there is a limitation to see the real truth, we can see the real truth only through his eyes, this is the only way we can see the real truth. If we remain all the time in past means we are generating Homo energies in our-self, if all the time we are into future – means having Hetero energies ie planning, forecasting etc., BUT IF WE COULD LEARN TO LIVE IN PRESENT ONLY means – we are enough capable to develop Neutro energy.
 It is quite easy to realise OriginSmile and merge with the oneness, provided understood properly!
 Karma – to stop – perfect himself, never afraid of imperfect then you are Originally created. Many sufferings are of this world, how to change this, without difficulty you are perfect, you can change it. By enlightenment, merging with the creator, HE himself created Original human being.
 SMILE is health, it prevents diseases. All diseases would go away in smile state and health is recovered, irrespective of level.  The main reason for not fully experiencing or feeling life smile is ego. The life smile is like a burning charcoal which is covered by a thin layer of ash, which is nothing but ego.
 • How created,I want to know more. It’s not me,but he who created. Soul is generator,not divided,through soul always with him. Life ignite you! Soul channel opened. Meditation to replace with new organs-upgrade your organs,mind!! through Smile Meditation.
• Tri posture should be maintained with closed eyes in OriginSmile. without soul Smile Meditation we can not get any information, mind can not come directly, through soul you can come. Neutro-consciousness, you are alive,always working in consciousness condition. Soul has to activate through consciousness to get perfection, more information on any aspect.

The body consists of elementary particles, biological points or cells, each of them having a similar point-like system represented by organelles and they in their turn consist of biochemical molecules. Cells unite into tissues,tissues into organs,organs into system.
Unstable particles, as existences, tend to unite themselves for sake of their stable existence and in this process some particles change into He-particles & others into Ho-particles and finally, incarnated Ne-particles are created too to form model order of Triorigin.
Elementary particles of materials are composed of atoms, atom is gathering of subatomic particles. Wondrous looking this physical world, actually is a particle world, this is also a surprising wonder. Light is movement of photon particles, gravity is the movement of graviton particles, without shape without mass, yet they are particles & move.
All particles have properties of waves, including frequency (rate of vibration) and wavelength (distance bet successive wave crests). 
An electron is an extremely light particle. Its mass is 0.0000000000000000000000000009 gram.  That numeral is a decimal point followed by 27 zeros and a 9.> Smile contains wisdom, intelligence to lead all the existence, self-confidence to accomplish any task in this world!

>SMILE ~ an essence of life. Smile is free from the ignorance. Smile is just the health. Smile creates perfection! always to remember.  May the ORIGIN on this Diwali, develop SMILE to all at this moment!

>Poverty is deficiency. Material level poverty induces begging, stealing and burglary and mental level poverty causes dependent and selfish mind. Mental poverty is followed by material poverty and vice verse. It’s a natural phenomenon arising spontaneously when people lack self-reliance spirit and it take place when one does not have smile-intention to live his life himself.
 When life smile of Neutro does’t function properly and disconnects the relations between each individual smile, life force is lost resulting in ignorance without wisdom and poverty is not far behind. Poverty is an incomplete state.
 The people in Neuto poverty state do not themselves feel their poverty at all.


26 thoughts on “Self ‘actualisation’

  1. network camera says:

    Undoubtedly, one of the best article l have come across on this precious topic. I quite agree with your conclusions and will eagerly look forward to your coming updates.

  2. smile Meeti
    It’s up-to an individual realisation, as long as one is in a position to keep the self in present everything is possible without any confusion. Practically it is possible to over come with any such query that will guide through the inner self or metaphysical energies.
    The meditation will guide to put the self in PRESENT that too with SMILE! If one is in present there is no need for rushing for anything, rather one will enjoy in the existing moment.

  3. meeti batra says:

    o k
    today i would like to put another question which i have put to many so called learned spiritual gurus
    tilldate have not received any satisfactory reply n on not knowing i have told by many
    no need to go deeper
    you will get confused
    or everything is not possible in this life
    1. what do we want from meditation
    2. why are we rushing while living do we come to know that only learn this much..n..leave the rest for next life
    meeti batra

  4. Marvela Pritchett says:

    I enjoyed your note today about sound. I would also note that some spiritual circles believe that both the light and sound are necessary for obtaining the highest spiritual levels. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. John Norman says:

    Breathe . . . I See You!
    2 weeks ago | Good Morning Dr. Dinesh ~
    Love you wonderful message. May I simply add:
    “To Breathe is to Live.” To feel the essence of life and who we are, we embrace the simple elegance through the breathes we take and share one with another. We become one in spirit by the loves which emanates from our breath of touch. To breathe is to feel the energy which is stored within our beings and with each tiny breath we give to the world and those around us the goodness that we are.
    I see you . . . Breathe,
    John Norman

  6. Sarvo says:

    I also agree with Dinesh, who seems to have a wonderful, joyful, even playful attitude toward it all. Perhaps we are here to live the mystery, not just to figure it out. It’s important to keep our joyful, loving, curious, playfulness as we search for answers and/or serve our higher purpose. Life is a joy and a mystery worth embracing.

  7. John Norman says:

    In response to the comment on Anger, I just want to say this: Anger becomes part of our lives if we let it. Prior to having these feelings invade one’s mind, heart and body, we should take a deep breath, step back, and say, “I am fine and I can handle my present situation.” Knowing all the ins and outs of how our brain reacts to certain anger forming situations, we can indeed halt our selves from going out of control. Don’t let yourself become irritated or frustrated, when someone does or says something that you cannot control. Simply turn the other cheek. By holding a grudge, or being resentful only cause you to become upset with yourself. If you truly love yourself, the good and the bad, then why not love the person who causes you to become angered. Let your love for those around you, be the stronger person that you know you would want to be and don’t let rage throw you in to such a stupor, that you are always angry with yourself and the world around you. Love who you are! Be Patient!
    I have learned to curb my anger by focusing on good things, wondeful thoughts, so that when these day-to-day events come upon me, I am a better person and know what actions I should take. Be reasonable, with who you are and trust in your positive instincts to turn the other cheek. With practice, your life will be one of joy and great happiness. Try it! You might find, that it makes all the difference in your life. It’s not necessary to lower one self to the same level as the one that is causing havoc in your life. Like you said, SMILE!
    John Norman

  8. alka gupta says:

    I have been suffering with cervical pain from last so many years after consulting many doctors in vain i finally started consulting Dr. Dinesh Kapoor from past 2 months and i have already started feeling better.

    Yesterday i had lot of discomfort in my knees and Dr. Dinesh gave me some treatment with palm leaves and i felt instant relief within few seconds.

  9. GEETA says:

    I was having cronic pain in my back in which condittion i am not able to do my rautine work .I consult so many doctors and physiotharapy,but no relief.One day some one tell me about Dr.Dinesh Kapur i am feeling very relife & my spinal on pain till to today is almost gone, that too without medicine. It is really wonderful therapy to have easy results.

  10. Isha says:

    Nice doctor. Indeed you are providing great support to the society towards curing and guiding that too without any medicine. Indeed, it is amazing!
    regards, Isha

  11. A Wahhab Korimboccus says:

    Dear dr kapur,
    Thanks, i, use to say that smile stands for surprising miracle in life enlightenment.
    Smile regards, From mauritius,

  12. R.K.Sharma says:

    Dear Dr. Kapur,

    God is really great, We were not in touch since long back but got your number accidently. My sincer best wishes on your spiritual growth and healing the mankind. Please remain in touch as I need all the time your guidance.


  13. Manish says:

    Doctor, thanks a lot for valuable thoughts! May God enrich you with more knowledge!
    Its God’s concept, otherwise for a layman, to understand how energy works not only in an individual growth but also curing the incurable diseases, as seen through Dr.Dinesh Kapur.

    warm regards, Manish[09810620500]

  14. Farzana says:

    Indeed, every thing is exceptionally good, valuable for the common one, and effective too!

  15. Piyush, unconditionally, any one can do practice! Just to start you may start seeing, visualise smile in all aspect, then you will start seeing wonders!

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