Illusion ~
 An erroneous perception of reality or belief or one pretend to be but in reality, this is not the fact. If one attain intellect position, to be known as ‘samadhi’ where only the intellect is functioning, means in a position to discriminate between one thing and the other. The discrimination that this is this and this is that is there only because the intellect is functioning. The moment one drop the intellect or transcend the intellect, this discrimination does not exist. Now everything becomes one whole, which is a reality. Everything just becomes one whole.
 In this state,no difference even in spaces, times etc.; there is no movement, no activities at all and there is nothing which is pure state, origin of all and everything in a sense, and at the same time it is also the world of perfection. It refers to unification of such a degree when oneness reaches peak of accomplishment upon completing the progressive process. Being origin and perfection itself, zero world has no need or intention to do anything more for self stability, no need to move or change anything, so no motion or any differences at all in absolute state. In zero world there is no gap between cause and effect, intention and realisation.
 There is no “two”-it may be just a mental illusion that trying to create and see the inward and the outward as two different things. At every step, desire creates an illusion. Everything is relative. It just seems to be there but not there. But it is so real, isn’t it? It seems very real. Who is going to believe this story that it is not there. It is there, very much there. The whole existence, the many forms of creation, can you say it is not there? It is very much there. It is there only as long as the intellect is there. The moment you dissolve your intellect, everything dissolves into one.
 The heart – We choose,
 decide – what to believe, what to accept and reject,
 how to respond to others
 who think differently, which says a more about who we are
 than those we react against.
 Contempt is the easy way out;
 it relieves the burden of listening, taking seriously the inner world of others,
 who also have hearts ~ wherein the infinite resides within the finite.
 write to upgrade , smile, Enjoy! Dr.Dinesh kapur



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