It may improve/upgrade in one’s life!
FORTUNATE – If you have found just one person in your life with whom you can trust your life, you are very fortunate. Most people don’t even find that one person.
GOOD – People want only good things to be spoken of them. Nobody wants others to talk ill of them. It is thus clear that we are all seeking goodness. Being a good individual requires facing problems. In fact being a bad individual also involves facing problems. Problems are part of the life; hence train your mind to enjoy problems. Just as you go to a gym and enjoy the workout in spite of sweating, train your mind to enjoy problems. Problems often make you a powerful individual.
LIFE – LIFE has no purpose, life is a purpose uoto itself. If you do not stand as one big barrier in the way, life will naturally find its ultimate nature.
• Only when there is absolute stability in you and no fear of suffering, you are willing to totally involve yourself with life around you.

GRACE – Grace is not that it has to descend from somewhere, grace is ; but if your doors are closed it is of no use.

smile,Enjoy! Dr.Dinesh kapur


4 thoughts on “upgradation

  1. meeti says:

    nothing is good or bad
    joy or sorrow
    ugly orbeautiful

    only our thinking makes it so

    darkness is always followed by light n light is again lost in darkness

    it is same as day n night

  2. meeti says:

    we all are linked wid each other because v were dstnd to help each other
    even while teaching to students we learn a grt deal frm thm
    we r tgthr here cause v had to walk together so that wen anyone of us stumbles we r thr to hold thm
    take care of thm

  3. John Norman says:

    Dr. Dinesh ~ I am most fortunate in that I people such as yourselves, whom I feel a keen and sincere sense of trust. I have been here for more then seven months, and trult feel blessed that “YOU” have each blessed my life and that I can truly feel great fortune. I also place my trust in the Lord for allowing me to accomplish all that my heart has ever desired. In sad times and in bad times good has come into my life. simple words bouyed me up and I am transcending into a realm of love and thanksgiving. There have been times when life was dark and dreary, yet somehow, I overcame these shadows which plagued my life, enabling me to overcome my weaknesses. Grace is and always will be, and by keeping an open mind, the still small voice whispers, “I love you and care about your well being.” thanks for this wonder share. We have missed you! Where have you been?

  4. Patricia says:

    Dinesh – Thank you for those great words of wisdom. It sure gives me something to think about. I am always trying to improve my life these days. Thanks again for sharing.

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