Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease characterized by thick, raised, dry, scaling red patches covered with silvery-white scales and a reddened skin disorder with periodical marked exacerbation, eruptions of the skin. The immune system attacks the skin from the inside out. But it’s the effects of the inflammatory cells on the skin that cause the skin to get red, thick, and the scaly. In most people, these patches are the only symptom of the disease. But the patches may burn, crack, and bleed, especially if scratching irritates the skin. The patches usually appear on the elbows and knees. But in severe cases, they may cover the body. Psoriasis is associated with many cases of arthritis, though the skin patches themselves do not cause the arthritis.
However, an attack of the disease results when cells in the outer layer of the skin divide more rapidly than normal. These cells do not mature completely and the skin becomes abnormally thick. In addition, the number and size of blood vessels in the lower layer of the skin increase abnormally. It may be inherited, but it is not contagious. An attack may be influenced by an emotional condition, such as tension. In others, it may be affected by such environmental factors as sunlight and cold weather. TNF’ tumor necrosis factor, Is a Signal That Can Start the Process – TNF helps the immune system protect the body against infection or the effects of injury. During a normal immune response, TNF attached to special cells throughout the body. The attachment of TNF activates these immune cells, causing them to release chemicals that can give to inflammation; people with psoriasis often have increased levels of TNF in their affected skin areas.
BUT, according to the energy concepts of eight origin of acupuncture Onnuri (SuJok), psoriasis is an energy of Hetero disease, since keratinocytes formation rate increases and cell cycle is normally reduced, if treatment is to be for emotional level – unified energy’s – tonification of joy emotions, and sedation of sadness emotions according to axis of SuJok six ki, on byol chakra as well as on meridian of Large intestine joint for better effective results. One must opt for acupuncture SuJok to have total effectiveness from the Psoriasis as each treatment is catered to the needs of an individual. Needless to say, if the SKIN problem in your life is throwing you off-balance, consider coming in for a treatment through acupuncture to regain the peace of mind and stay healthy as most of the skin diseases can give you CURE effect of problems related to skin through the natural healing concepts. The course of treatment is definitely uneventful. As lifestyle habits makes a lot of difference. One must have to change the same if to opt for cure effect of Psoriasis.
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3 thoughts on “PSORIASIS

  1. Matt Poirier says:

    If the climate outside is harsh then stay away from the outside as much as you can. Exposure to sunlight enhances the severity with the effects. Sun screen does not support and however is harmful.Preserve your house dust free. Dust all liveries, bed sheets, pillow covers and wardrobes and keep them all clean. Maintain pets at a distance and groom them often to avoid hair loss.

  2. Joe says:

    I have written two previous reviews of this book, a book that has had a very significant affect on my life. I started following the general principles in March of 1998. I remain about 95% clear. From the research I have done, I can tell you that this regimen works but not for everyone. Psoriasis seems to have a number of causes and therefore probably a number of “cures.” This book will explain to you in layman’s terms what goes on inside your body that contributes to this condition. If you’re “fortunate” enough to have this as your cause, this will most likely ameliorate your symptoms. Here are the basics: 1) Stop eating the nightshade foods, which include tomatoes, potatoes, green, red, yellow and orange pepper, eggplant and paprika. Smoking also has to go. If you drink lots of water, a cup of tea twice a day, use lecithin powder on cereal and salad, take two baths a week with Epsom Salt, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, eat whole wheat products, eat chicken breast and fish and avoid all fried foods, you will greatly improve your skin condition. Once you see the clearing, you will understand that the severity of your psoriasis will be able to be controlled by how strictly you adhere to the principles. … You can complain, you can moan and groan or you could try something that could turn your life around WITHOUT the drugs and steroids. With drugs and steroids, you are just trading one problem for another…

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